Essays in Experimental Logic

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In 1903 a volume was published by the University of Chicago Press, entitled Studies in Logical Theory, as a part of the "Decenniel Publications" of the University. The volume contained contributions by Drs. Thompson (now Mrs. Wooley), McLennan, Ashley, Gore, Heidel, Stuart, and Moore, in addition to four essays by the present writer who was also general editor for the volume. The edition of the Studies being recently exhausted, the Director of the Press suggested that my own essays be reprinted, together with other studies of mine in the same field. The various contributors to the original volume cordially gave assent, and the present volume is the outcome. Chaps. ii - v inclusive, represent (with editorial revisions, mostly omissions) the essays taken from the old volume. The first and introductory chapter has been especially written for the volume. The other essays are in part reprinted and in part rewritten, with additions from various contributions to philosophical periodicals. I should like to point out that the essay on "Some Stages of Logical Thought" antedates the essays taken from the volume of Studies, having been published in 1900; the other essays have been written from the standpoint of what is now termed a behavioristic psychology, though some of them antedate the use of the term as a descriptive epithet. 


Columbia University, 
April 3, 1916

Table of Contents


The Relationship of Thought and Its Subject-Matter

The Antecedents and Stimuli of Thinking

Data and Meanings

The Objects of Thought

Some Stages of Logical Thought

The Logical Character of Ideas

The Control of Ideas by Facts

Naive Realism vs Presentative Realism

Epistemological Realism: The Alleged Ubiquity of the Knowledge Relation

The Existence of the World as a Logical Problem

What Pragmatism Means by Practical

An Added Note as to the "Practical"

The Logic of Judgments of Practice


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