Chicago Tribune

Swiss Consul Calls Attention to License Ordinance Provisions.

Chicago’s new ordinance forbidding granting of business licenses to aliens threatens to precipitate international complication which may bring complaints from the federal government.

The initial protest came to Corporation counsel yesterday from Henry Nussle, resident Swiss consul. In a letter to the head of the city’s legal department the consul cites the fact that the ordinance clashes with the treaty of the United States with Switzerland. The treaty provides that neither country shall interfere with law abiding citizens of the other "to exercise their profession, their industry, and their commerce."

No Swiss Refused License.

Assistant Corporation Counsel J. W. Breen stated that inquiry showed that no Swiss citizen had been refused a business license under the new ordinance, which goes into effect May 1. Both he and his chief, however, stated that they saw the possibility of embarrassing situations unless the ordinance is amended.

Mr. Ettelson pointed out that it would be Chinese tradesmen out of business because they could not save their licenses by becoming citizens of this country. Citizens of other countries would have to declare their intention of becoming American citizens if they are to continue in licensed business.

Referred to Council.

The letter of the consul and other complaints against the ordinance probably will be referred to the city council at its next meeting, Mr. Ettelson said.

Licenses of five alien peddlers were revoked yesterday by the mayor, upon recommendation of Judge Caverly, into whose court they had been brought on charges of disorderly conduct.


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