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To Bar from Business Those Who Dodge Declaration

Aliens who have not declared their intention of becoming citizens will not be able to continue in any municipally licensed business after next May if the city council approves an ordinance recommended for passage yesterday by the council license committee.

The ordinance directs that after May 1, 1917, licenses shall be denied aliens who are not declarants. It was estimated that upward of 6,000 nondeclarants are now holding licenses.

Are Replacing Fighters.

Ald. Herman Krumdick, sponsor for the ordinance, declared that aliens are rapidly taking the place of the men who have enlisted in the army. He said when these men returned from war they would find their places filled by men who are not citizens.

Every member of the committee voted for the ordinance. It is believed that it will meet with no opposition in the council, except that an amendment will be offered, prohibiting licenses from being issued to aliens from now on.

Fight on Special Bar Permits.

The committee had a verbal tussle over the special bar permit question. The committee directed the city collector to make a detailed report of complaints received from dances operating under special bar permits.

Ald. John Toman, chairman of the committee, defended special bar permits. He said he believed the records would show that when complaints against dances have been received no additional permits have been given the organizations responsible for the complaints.

The discussion indicated a bitter "wet" and "dry" fight in the council Monday, when the cabaret ordinances are called up for passage.


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