Matter and Memory
Translators' Note


Nancy Margaret Paul and W. Scott Palmer.

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THIS translation of Monsieur Bergson's Matière et Mémoire has been made from the fifth edition of 1908, and has had the great advantage of being revised in proof by the author. Monsieur Bergson has also written a new Introduction for it, which supersedes that which accompanied the original work.

The translators offer their sincere thanks to the author for his invaluable help in these matters and for many suggestions made by him while the book was in manuscript.

They beg leave to call the reader's attention to the fact that all the marginal notes are peculiar to the English edition ; and that, although Monsieur Bergson has been good enough to revise them, he is not responsible for their insertion or character, since they form no part of his own plan for the book.

N. M. P.
W . S. P


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