Social and Ethical Interpretation in Mental Development

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Preface to Second Edition

Book I : The Person Public and Private

Part I. The Imitative Person

Chapter I. The Self-conscious Person
Chapter II. The Social Person

Part II. The Inventive Person

Chapter III. Invention vs. Imitation
Chapter IV. Social Aids to Invention
Chapter V. The Genius

Part III. The Person's Equipment

Chapter VI. His Instincts and Emotions
Chapter VII. His Intelligence
Chapter VIII. His Sentiments

Part IV. The Person's Sanctions

Chapter IX. His Personal Sanctions
Chapter X. His Social Sanctions

Book II  Society

Part V. The Person in Action

Chapter XI. The Social Forces

Part VI. Social Organization

Chapter XII: Social Matter and Process
Chapter XIII: Social Progress

Part VII Practical Conclusions

Chapter XIV: Rules of Conduct
Chapter XV: Retrospect: Society and the Individual

Appendix A. Social Heredity and Organic Evolution
Appendix B. On 'Selection.'
Appendix C. The Cosmic and the Moral
Appendix D. The Genesis of Sociality
Appendix E. The Personal and Social Sense
Appendix F. Anthropological Notes
Appendix G. Darwin's Judgement
Appendix H. Notes on Hegel, and New Sections Added in the Second Edition


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