Floyd Henry Allport

Floyd Henry Allport

Address: Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Occupation: Teacher.

War Record: Entered Plattsburg Officers' Training Camp in May, 1917; discharged as 1st Lieutenant, January 1919.

Married: Ethel Margaret Hudson, Oct. 5, 1917, at Cambridge, Mass.

Children Edward Herbert, born Nov. 24, 1919; Dorothy Anne, born Nov, 27, 1922.

For three years, 1919-1922, I was engaged as Instructor (and later Tutor also) in Psychology at Harvard. Those

(6) were years in which drudgery of teaching, with outside classes in addition, consumed most of my time. I experienced notable changes in the environment and student life at the Alma Mater since our day. One of the greatest of these changes is the closer supervision and tutorial guidance of the undergraduate. Students also seem more earnest and less bibulous than in former years. But this may be only a reflection of my own settled state of existence. Since Sept., 1922, I have held the position of Associate Professor of Psychology in the University of North Carolina. This institution, while sill in a state of youthful expansion, is on the road to becoming the Harvard of the South. Since entering my teaching and scientific career, besides turning out several minor studies I have written a textbook of Social Psychology which is now about ready for the press. I am at present launching a research for developing a scale for measuring traits of personality. Interesting, and perhaps useful, if successful! In Nov. Of 1922 was born my second child, a daughter, giving her parents and grandparents great satisfaction, and adding the psychological factor of sex difference to our academic little family.


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