Floyd Henry Allport

Floyd Henry Allport

Born at Milwuakee, Wis., Aug. 22, 1890.

Parents: John Edward, Nellie Edith (Wise) Allport.

School: Grenville High School, Cleveland, O.
Years in College: 1909-1913.

Degree: A.B. 1913 (1914)


Occupation: Student

Address: (home) 344 Overlook Pk., Cleveland, O.; (business) 35 Holyoke House, Cambridge, Mass.

The summer of 1913 I spent helping my father, who was engaged in organizing and promoting companies for various kinds of business. I then taught English to freshmen, sophomores, and junior at Glenville High School, the alma mater of my youth. Nearly all the old teachers were there, and some of them still called me by my first name in the presences of my pupils. One can’t stay young and keep good discipline in a class of adolescent boys, so I changed back to business.

During the next summer I filled the role of publicity manager in a Hospital Campaign in Barberton, Ohio, where we raised $66,000. For a year following I pursued the hospital game as assistant to my father. The work was useful, instructive and pleasant.

As soon, however, as the ennui of my for or five years’ acad-

(6) emic life had worn off, I realized that mixed with the wild, and adventurous spirit of youth I had a sober, scientific propensity. I remembered how psychology had fascinated me in the good, old days, so I came back to be one of those unspeakable fossils known as "graduate students." My first year of it was agreeable and reasonably successful. The second year of my progress toward the coveted Ph. D. finds me still contented, though rapidly developing, I fear, into a scientific recluse. To forestall becoming a hermit crab I took the military fever when it struck old Harvard, and am now adding to my burdens the duties of a raw recruit in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Whether I can wear down the rough edges sufficiently to get a commission remains to be seen.

PUBLICATIONS: "An Elementary Course in Psychology," (written in collaboration with Prof. H. S. Langfeld, Harvard) Houghton-Mifflin & Co., Oct., 1916; "The Psychology of the Raw Recruit," (expected at present date to appear in The Harvard Illustrated about March 21, 1917).


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