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SCIE 0N90 Co-op Training and Development
SCIE 1P50 Science and Society I
SCIE 1P51 Science and Society II
SCLC 1F90 Cultures of Western Europe
SCLC 2F00 Literatures of Western Europe
SCLC 2P90 Comparative Approach to Literary Criticism
SCLC 2P95 Introduction to Romance Linguistics
SCLC 3P00 Comparative Studies in Literary Genres
SCLC 3P20 Comparative Studies in Western European Cinema
SCLC 3P80 Comparative Analysis of Romance Languages
SCLC 3P85 Translation Theories
SCLC 3V00-3V09 Special Topics in Comparative Literatures
SCLC 3V80-3V89 Special Topics in Comparative Romance Linguistics
SCLC 4P00 Comparative Studies in Narratives and the Arts
SCLC 4P10 Independent Study
SCLC 4P11 Major Research Paper
SCLC 4P80 Historical Romance Linguistics
SCLC 4V00-4V09 Advanced Topics in Comparative Literatures
SOCI 1F90 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 1P01 Global Issues: Canadian Connections
SOCI 1P80 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SOCI 2F60 Foundations for Community Engagement
SOCI 2P00 Foundations in Sociological Thinking
SOCI 2P11 Introduction to Research Methods
SOCI 2P20 Sexualities and Society
SOCI 2P21 Sociology of Families
SOCI 2P22 Education and Equity
SOCI 2P26 Health, Healthcare and Society
SOCI 2P32 In and Out of Work in the Global Economy
SOCI 2P33 Law and Social Justice
SOCI 2P38 Childhood, Youth and Society
SOCI 2P47 Racialization and Society
SOCI 2P51 Sociology of Gender
SOCI 2P54 Documentary Film
SOCI 2P58 Self and Society
SOCI 2P61 Introduction to Criminology
SOCI 2P62 Sociology of Criminal Justice
SOCI 2P70 Popular Music and Society
SOCI 2P71 Social Class and Social Conflict
SOCI 2P73 Globalization, Inequality and New World Disorders
SOCI 2P80 Labour, Environment and Consumption
SOCI 2P81 Sociology of Food and Agriculture
SOCI 2P83 Changing Cultures and Societies
SOCI 2P85 Animals and Human Society
SOCI 2P86 Women in the Economy
SOCI 2P90 Women's Issues: Sexuality, Class, Ethnicity
SOCI 2P91 Directed Studies I
SOCI 2P92 Directed Studies II
SOCI 2P94 Sociology of Animals, Nature and Social Change
SOCI 2P95 Troubling Identities
SOCI 2P96 Women and Development
SOCI 2P98 Media Industries
SOCI 2P99 Canadian Women in a Global Context
SOCI 2Q90 Mothering and Motherhood: Images, Issues and Patterns
SOCI 2Q95 Animals at Work
SOCI 2V80-2V89 Selected Topics in Sociology
SOCI 2V81 2015-2016: Sport and Society
SOCI 3P00 Introduction to Early Modern Social Theory
SOCI 3P01 Contemporary Social Theory
SOCI 3P02 Qualitative Sociological Methods
SOCI 3P03 Beauty, Bodies and Cultures
SOCI 3P06 Class and Culture
SOCI 3P11 Quantitative Data Analysis I
SOCI 3P12 Quantitative Data Analysis II
SOCI 3P20 Queer Communities and Popular Culture
SOCI 3P26 Medical Sociology
SOCI 3P30 Women, Work and Family
SOCI 3P33 Law and Social Regulation
SOCI 3P35 Communities in Crisis
SOCI 3P44 Gender and Sexuality in Childhood and Youth
SOCI 3P45 Sociology of African Canadians
SOCI 3P51 Gender and Society
SOCI 3P54 Issues in Documentary Film
SOCI 3P55 Sociology of Professional Wrestling
SOCI 3P60 Debates in Criminology
SOCI 3P61 Sociology of Punishment
SOCI 3P63 Crime, Surveillance and Security
SOCI 3P65 Animals and the Law
SOCI 3P66 Social Movements
SOCI 3P67 Crime and the Media
SOCI 3P68 Critical Gang Studies
SOCI 3P69 Critical Perspectives in Indigenous Criminalization
SOCI 3P70 Social Justice Research
SOCI 3P71 The State and Society
SOCI 3P73 Popular Music and Youth Culture
SOCI 3P75 Sociology of Animal Agriculture
SOCI 3P80 Environmental Justice
SOCI 3P82 Women and Crime
SOCI 3P85 Animals in Cross-Cultural Perspective
SOCI 3P86 Indigenous Peoples in Global Perspective
SOCI 3P87 Sociology of Dogs and Other Canids
SOCI 3P90 Directed Studies III
SOCI 3P91 Directed Studies IV
SOCI 3P92 Advanced Seminar in Eco-Feminism
SOCI 3P93 Media and Minorities
SOCI 3P94 Economy, Culture and Society
SOCI 3P95 Sociology of Wildlife
SOCI 3P96 Human Migration in a Globalized World
SOCI 3P97 Liberties, Rights and Protections
SOCI 3P98 Family Conflict and Violence
SOCI 3Q95 Sex Work and Sex Workers
SOCI 3Q96 Critical Issues in Contemporary Society
SOCI 3Q98 Indigenous Peoples in North America
SOCI 3V10-3V19 Selected Research Topics
SOCI 3V80-3V99 Selected Topics in Sociology
SOCI 3V91 2015-2016: Bodies, Economies and Kinship
SOCI 4F01 Honours Seminar
SOCI 4F90 Honours Thesis
SOCI 4P00 Engaging the Sociological Imagination
SOCI 4P02 Selected Topics in Social Theory
SOCI 4P11 Critical Approaches to Applied Social Research Design
SOCI 4P21 Labour and Social Justice Organizing
SOCI 4P22 Education and Equity
SOCI 4P23 Research on Media and Popular Culture
SOCI 4P26 Sociology of Health
SOCI 4P31 Women, Work and Unions
SOCI 4P32 Sociology of Work
SOCI 4P33 Law and Society
SOCI 4P35 Gendered Patterns of Resistance and Survival
SOCI 4P37 Exploring Alternatives to Capitalism
SOCI 4P38 Advanced Topics in Childhood, Youth and Society
SOCI 4P51 Gender and Society
SOCI 4P53 Masculinities, Culture and Economy
SOCI 4P57 Global Racism/Antiracism
SOCI 4P61 Criminal Justice
SOCI 4P62 Social and Moral Regulation
SOCI 4P65 Animals and the Law
SOCI 4P67 Racism/Antiracism in Canada
SOCI 4P68 Social Movements and Globalization
SOCI 4P70 Social Issues in the Community
SOCI 4P71 Contesting Everyday Im/mobilities
SOCI 4P76 Indigenous Social and Political Thought
SOCI 4P80 Critical Animal Studies
SOCI 4P81 Selected Issues in Criminology
SOCI 4P82 Race and the War for Drugs
SOCI 4P85 Animals and Human Societies
SOCI 4P87 Social Inequality
SOCI 4P88 Social Problems
SOCI 4P89 Controversies in Sociology
SOCI 4P90 Directed Studies V
SOCI 4P91 Directed Studies VI
SOCI 4Q41 Social Policy
SOCI 4V10-4V19 Selected Research Topics
SOCI 4V80-4V89 Special Topics in Sociology
SOCI 4V83 2015-2016: Comparative Sociological and Legal Perspectives on Sexual Assault Cases
SPAN 1F00 Introductory Spanish Language
SPAN 1F90 Intermediate Spanish Language
SPAN 1P95 Conquest and Colonization
SPAN 2P10 Latin American Cultures Since Independence
SPAN 2P11 Cultures of Spain and Portugal
SPAN 2P19 Language and Stylistics
SPAN 2P20 Approaches to Literary Texts
SPAN 2P82 Latin American and Iberian Film
SPAN 2P90 Culture and Nationhood in the Hispanic World
SPAN 2V90 2015-2016: Em/bodying Trauma and Memory through Testimony
SPAN 2V90-2V99 Culture in Spanish- and Portuguese-Speaking Regions
SPAN 3F80 Im/migrant and Community Outreach Internship
SPAN 3P84 Diaspora Communities: Luso-Hispanic World
SPAN 3P90 Early Modern Spanish Literature and Culture
SPAN 3P92 Grammatical Structures: Theory and Practice
SPAN 3P93 Advanced Language and Discourse
SPAN 3P94 Iberian Narrative
SPAN 3P95 Contemporary Latin American Narrative
SPAN 3P97 Modern Spanish Literature and Culture
SPAN 3P98 Chronicle and Testimonial Writing
SPAN 3P99 Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 4P01 Latin American Women's Perspectives
SPAN 4P04 Translation: Applications
SPAN 4P10 Readings in Medieval Iberian Narrative
SPAN 4P15 Imagining Identity in the Early Modern Hispanic World
SPAN 4P60 Women in Hispanic Literature: Witches, Vampires and Virgins
SPAN 4P64 Island Narratives: Re-imagining Ibero-American Insular Worlds
SPAN 4V60-4V69 Special Research Topics
SPAN 4V66 2015-2016: Diaspora/Diasporas: Cross-cultural Texts and Context
SPMA 0N40 Experiential Preparation
SPMA 1P91 Introduction to Sport Management
SPMA 1P92 Understanding Sport Industry Sectors
SPMA 1P94 Professional Engagement for the Sport Industry
SPMA 2P00 Analysis of Professional Sport
SPMA 2P05 Management Concepts in Sport Organizations
SPMA 2P06 Sport Policy
SPMA 2P07 Research Design and Evaluation
SPMA 2P08 Facility Management
SPMA 2P21 Organizational Behaviour in Sport Organizations
SPMA 2P22 Media and Sport
SPMA 2P27 Introduction to Sport Finance
SPMA 2P90 The Labour of Sport
SPMA 2P96 Introduction to Sport and the Law
SPMA 3P02 Sport Management Field Work
SPMA 3P06 Globalization of Sport
SPMA 3P07 Quantitative Analysis for Sport Management
SPMA 3P08 Sport Event Management
SPMA 3P17 Qualitative Analysis for Sport Management
SPMA 3P21 Managing Human Resources in Sport Organizations
SPMA 3P27 Advanced Sport Finance
SPMA 3P55 The Sociology of Professional Wrestling
SPMA 3P65 Sport Marketing
SPMA 3P75 Sport Sales and Promotion
SPMA 3P85 Sport and the Consumer
SPMA 3P86 Intellectual Property and Licensing in Sport
SPMA 3P90 Analysis of the Sport Industry: Canadian Hockey
SPMA 3P93 Sport for Development
SPMA 3P99 Special Studies in Sport Management
SPMA 3V90-3V99 Special Topics in Sport Management
SPMA 4F01 Sport Management Internship Project
SPMA 4F02 Sport Management Internship
SPMA 4F03 Honours Research Project
SPMA 4F04 Research Proposal
SPMA 4F05 Honours Research Thesis
SPMA 4P07 Sport Sponsorship
SPMA 4P08 Sport Management Ethics
SPMA 4P09 Leadership in Sport Management
SPMA 4P10 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Sport Organizations
SPMA 4P18 Sport and Social Responsibility
SPMA 4P25 Strategic Alliances in Sport Management
SPMA 4P27 Application of Economics to Sport Management
SPMA 4P86 Legal Drafting and Contract Analysis for Sport Management
SPMA 4P91 Power, Politics and Policy in Sport
SPMA 4P92 Sport Management Practicum
SPMA 4P93 Sport for Development Field Experience
SPMA 4P94 Sport Analytics
SPMA 4P95 Advanced Sport Marketing
SPMA 4P96 Negotiation of Deals and Disputes in Sport Organizations
SPMA 4P97 Advanced Analysis of the Sport Industry: Hockey
SPMA 4P98 Major Games Field Course
SPMA 4P99 Advanced Special Studies in Sport Management
SPMA 4V90 2015-2016: Managing Risk in the Sport Environment
SPMA 4V90-4V99 Advanced Topics in Sport Management
STAC 1P02 Web Media Production
STAC 1P95 Introduction to Digital Images, Methods and Concepts
STAC 1P99 The Culture of Noise
STAC 2F05 Introduction to Sculpture
STAC 2M90-2M99 Special Studies in the Fine and Performing Arts
STAC 2P03 Painting Fundamentals
STAC 2P04 Figurative Painting
STAC 2P61 Website Creation
STAC 2P80 Italian Cinema and its Influences
STAC 2P93 Critical Practice in the Fine and Performing Arts
STAC 2P94 Embodied Text: Art Beyond the Artifact
STAC 2P96 Introductions to 3D Modelling and Animation
STAC 2P97 Digital Video Art
STAC 2P98 Intermedia
STAC 2P99 Introduction to Sound Design
STAC 2Q95 Introduction to Interactive Media
STAC 3F91 Innovations in Advanced Digital Media
STAC 3F96 Interdisciplinary Workshop
STAC 3M00-3M09 Arts and Culture Studies Abroad
STAC 3P01 Media Transformations in The Creative Arts
STAC 3P08 Gender and Art
STAC 3P14 Dramatic Creation for Contemporary Cultural Practice
STAC 3P92 Imitation in Art and Culture
STAC 3P93 Producing a Performance Event
STAC 3P95 Advanced Tutorial in Studies in Arts and Culture
STAC 3P96 Interstices of Art and Nature
STAC 3P97 ppropriation in Art and Culture
STAC 3P98 Reporting Arts and Culture
STAC 3P99 Interpretive and Critical Writing in the Arts
STAC 3Q91 Research Seminar in Visual Art
STAC 3V90-3V99 Special Studies in the Fine and Performing Arts
STAC 4F40 Arts Management
STAC 4F41 Curatorial Studies Practicum
STAC 4F99 Honours Thesis
STAC 4P01 Creating Social Value from Material Culture
STAC 4P68 Arts, Heritage and Culture: Public Policy and Governance
STAC 4P72 High and Low Art: Intersections, Exchanges and Flows
STAC 4P90 Forbidden Knowledge, Dangerous Art
STAC 4V70-4V79 Advanced Studies in Arts and Culture
SWAH 1F00 Introductory Kiswahili