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HIST 0N01 Work Placement I
HIST 0N02 Work Placement II
HIST 0N03 Work Placement III
HIST 0N04 Work Placement IV
HIST 0N05 Work Placement V
HIST 0N90 Co-op Training and Development
HIST 0N98 Co-op Leadership Workshop I
HIST 0N99 Co-op Leadership Workshop II
HIST 1F90 Empires and Revolutions
HIST 1F95 World History since 1914
HIST 1F96 The Americas
HIST 1P98 Western European Society and Politics to 1800
HIST 1P99 Western European Ideas and Worldviews to 1800
HIST 2C01 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration I
HIST 2C02 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration II
HIST 2C03 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration III
HIST 2C04 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration IV
HIST 2C05 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration V
HIST 2F20 The History of Britain, 1485-2000
HIST 2F27 Historical Geographic Information Systems
HIST 2F90 Money and Power in the Atlantic World
HIST 2P01 Colonial Canada
HIST 2P02 Post-Confederation Canada
HIST 2P03 Early Medieval Britain 400-1000: Celts, Saxons and Vikings
HIST 2P04 The Medieval British Isles, 1000-1485
HIST 2P08 Colonial Latin America
HIST 2P09 Modern Latin America
HIST 2P15 Glory and Despair: The United States 1607-1865
HIST 2P16 Ambiguities of Greatness: The United States 1865 to the Present
HIST 2P25 Revolutions in Communication
HIST 2P40 French Society and Politics in the 18th Century
HIST 2P51 Europe, 1815-1914
HIST 2P52 Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST 2P53 Totalitarian Temptation: The 20th Century
HIST 2P55 The Culture of War from the Renaissance to the 20th Century
HIST 2P56 Gender in Modern European History
HIST 2P60 Introduction to the History of Medicine
HIST 2P62 Africa to 1800
HIST 2P63 Africa Since 1800
HIST 2P64 War and Peace in the Modern Age
HIST 2P65 Late Imperial East Asia
HIST 2P66 Twentieth-Century East Asia
HIST 2P70 The Middle East, 600 - 1800
HIST 2P72 Modern Middle East
HIST 2P75 Western Science From Aristotle to Newton
HIST 2P76 Making Modern Science
HIST 2P91 Europe's Reformations, 1450-1650
HIST 2P92 The French Revolution Contested
HIST 2P96 Early Russia
HIST 2P98 Modern Russia
HIST 2P99 Ideas and Culture before 1850
HIST 2Q90 Canada: War and Nationalism
HIST 2Q92 The United States, 1870-1930
HIST 2Q93 Women in North America to 1865
HIST 2Q94 Women in North America, 1865 to the Present
HIST 2Q97 Native-Newcomer Relations in Canada
HIST 2Q98 Everyday Life in Early America
HIST 2V90-2V99 Topics in History
HIST 3F20 Modern Britain
HIST 3F31 Virtual Worlds and the Discipline of History
HIST 3M50-3M59 Historical Studies Abroad
HIST 3M51 2015-2016: Bogotá: Trendy Capital of Colombian Cool
HIST 3P00 Ideas and Culture since 1850
HIST 3P01 British Empires, 1500-1960
HIST 3P03 History of Early Greece
HIST 3P04 History of Classical Greece
HIST 3P05 History of the Roman Republic
HIST 3P06 History of the Early Roman Empire
HIST 3P07 Growing Up: Childhood and Youth Since 1800
HIST 3P08 God's Country? Religion in North America before 1850
HIST 3P09 The Church Besieged: Religion in North America after 1850
HIST 3P15 American Enlightenment
HIST 3P16 The American Revolution
HIST 3P18 Modern American Popular Culture
HIST 3P21 Race, Class and Gender in Latin America
HIST 3P25 History of Modern Political Thought
HIST 3P30 The Viking Age
HIST 3P33 Imagining the Past: Introduction to Historiography
HIST 3P35 North America's First Nations
HIST 3P45 United States Foreign Policy Since 1945
HIST 3P48 Wealth, Work and Power in the United States
HIST 3P52 African American Experience
HIST 3P55 London, Paris, Berlin: History Through the Urban Landscape
HIST 3P56 Weimar Germany, 1918-1933
HIST 3P57 Living with the Enemy: The History of World War II Occupation in Europe
HIST 3P58 The History of Modern East-Central Europe
HIST 3P60 The World of Genghis Khan: Inner Asia since 500 BC
HIST 3P61 Gender and Society in Ancient Mediterranean
HIST 3P64 Africa and the African Diaspora
HIST 3P66 African Economic History
HIST 3P74 Canadian Immigration and Ethnic History
HIST 3P75 Canadian Labour History
HIST 3P76 Canadian Regional History
HIST 3P77 The Canadian West
HIST 3P81 History of Technology
HIST 3P85 Minorities of the Middle East
HIST 3P86 Cultures and Societies of the Middle East
HIST 3P87 The American West
HIST 3P89 Chinese Social History
HIST 3P90 The Rise and Fall of the Russian Empire
HIST 3P91 Epidemics and Ideas: History of Medicine and Disease
HIST 3P94 Historians and the Age of Religious Wars and Absolutism, 1559-1715
HIST 3P96 Medieval and Early Modern Christianity
HIST 3P97 The World of the Renaissance and Beyond
HIST 3P98 French Canada
HIST 3P99 The Challenge to Social Order in 18th-Century England
HIST 3Q93 The Crusades
HIST 3Q94 Revolution in Latin America
HIST 3Q97 History and the North American Environment
HIST 3Q99 The Sixties
HIST 3V90-3V94 Topics in Canadian History
HIST 4P00 Literature of the English Revolution
HIST 4P07 Topics in Religious History
HIST 4P08 Slavery in Africa
HIST 4P10 History in the Field: Ontario and the War of 1812
HIST 4P11 State and Society in Colonial Canada
HIST 4P18 Women and Gender in African History
HIST 4P22 Africa in World History
HIST 4P25 Race, Ethnicity and Immigration in the United States
HIST 4P26 Topics in Latin American History
HIST 4P29 Wallace, Bruce and the Wars of Scotland
HIST 4P33 The United States and the Cold War
HIST 4P35 Witchcraft Episodes in Britain and America, 1500-1700
HIST 4P36 American Political Ideas, 1760-1805
HIST 4P37 Cultures of Consumption in the British World
HIST 4P38 The Russian Revolution
HIST 4P41 The Holocaust
HIST 4P42 Nazi Germany
HIST 4P43 Censorship: A Comparative Approach
HIST 4P44 The French Revolution
HIST 4P46 Food and Drink: Society, Science and Economy
HIST 4P47 Material Cultures of Science and Technology
HIST 4P48 Science, Technology and Gender
HIST 4P49 Science and 19th-Century Culture
HIST 4P50 Directed Research
HIST 4P56 Intellectuals in Revolutionary China
HIST 4P57 China under Communist Rule
HIST 4P59 Women of the Middle East
HIST 4P62 Religious Radicalism
HIST 4P64 Slavery in the Middle East
HIST 4P65 First Nations in Modern Canada
HIST 4P67 The World We Have Lost: Comparative Rural History
HIST 4P90 Advanced Seminar
HIST 4P99 Honours Tutorial
HIST 4V00-4V05 Themes in Literature and History
HIST 4V06-4V79 Topics in History
HLSC 0N01 Work Placement I
HLSC 0N02 Work Placement II
HLSC 0N03 Work Placement III
HLSC 0N90 Co-op Training and Development
HLSC 1F25 Health: A Canadian Perspective
HLSC 1F90 Introduction to Health Sciences
HLSC 2C01 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration I
HLSC 2C02 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration II
HLSC 2C03 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration III
HLSC 2F95 Human Anatomy
HLSC 2P01 Human Immunology
HLSC 2P02 Infection Control and Safety
HLSC 2P07 Biostatistics I
HLSC 2P09 Principles of Human Physiology
HLSC 2P15 Processes of Health and Wellness
HLSC 2P21 The Health of Canadian Society
HLSC 2P27 Research Methods in Health
HLSC 2P40 Gerontology: Approaches to Well-being
HLSC 2P49 Health and Behaviour
HLSC 2P50 Introduction to Human Sexuality
HLSC 2P60 Introduction to the History of Medicine
HLSC 2P65 Health Economics
HLSC 2P90 Advanced Human Sexuality
HLSC 2P91 Nutrition
HLSC 2P92 Nutrition in Health Care
HLSC 2P97 Global Issues in Infectious Diseases
HLSC 3F20 Program Planning and Evaluation
HLSC 3F97 Global Health Field Course
HLSC 3P01 Medical Immunology
HLSC 3P07 Biostatistics II
HLSC 3P09 Human Endocrinology
HLSC 3P19 Principles of Pharmacology
HLSC 3P21 Issues in Health Policy
HLSC 3P25 Mental Health and Addictions
HLSC 3P26 Medical Sociology
HLSC 3P30 Directed Readings
HLSC 3P31 Applied Projects in Health Quality Improvement
HLSC 3P32 Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics
HLSC 3P33 Experiential Learning in Health Sciences
HLSC 3P37 Qualitative Research in Health Sciences
HLSC 3P50 Health Promotion
HLSC 3P51 Genetics: Transmission, Development, Population
HLSC 3P52 Ergonomics
HLSC 3P68 Health Issues for Women and Girls
HLSC 3P80 The Health of Children
HLSC 3P90 Cardiac Pathophysiology
HLSC 3P91 Cardiac Rehabilitation
HLSC 3P93 Nutrition and Health
HLSC 3P94 Health Administration
HLSC 3P95 Cardiac Rehabilitation Practicum
HLSC 3P96 The Development of Healthy Communities
HLSC 3P97 Medical Microbiology
HLSC 3P98 Public Health and Society
HLSC 3P99 Pharmacology and the Nervous System
HLSC 3V50-3V99 Special Topics in Health Sciences
HLSC 4F44 Public Health Practices
HLSC 4F90 Thesis
HLSC 4F91 Healthcare Quality Improvement Special Projects
HLSC 4P07 Secondary Data Analysis
HLSC 4P15 Critical Health: Challenging Ideas in Health Care
HLSC 4P19 Integrated Cardiovascular Pharmacology
HLSC 4P26 Sociology of Health
HLSC 4P30 Advanced Directed Readings
HLSC 4P32 Medical Sciences Experiential Learning
HLSC 4P40 Policy and Practice: Synthesis in Program Planning
HLSC 4P41 Human Molecular Genetics
HLSC 4P50 Research Methods in Epidemiology
HLSC 4P51 Current Public Health Issues of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
HLSC 4P59 Diversity and Health
HLSC 4P60 History of Disease in Society
HLSC 4P77 Experiential Learning in Biostatistics
HLSC 4P80 Pediatric Exercise Science
HLSC 4P95 Human Pathology
HLSC 4P97 Tropical Parasites of Humans and Animals
HLSC 4P99 Clinical Epidemiology
HLSC 4V50-4V99 Advanced Special Topics in Health Sciences