Special Needs and One to One Support 

We are pleased to now be offering dedicated special needs and 1:1 support in our summer and holiday camp programs!

Registration will open on March 1 and be limited to two weeks per child to start. We will open up to additional weeks if available. Registration is online.

Campers at Brock spend the day in small groups of 10 to 12 other kids their age and up to as many as 230 kids during large camp wide activities, lunch or at the start and end of the day. Camp is busy, active and full of sounds. We use gyms, classrooms, labs and outdoor spaces across the entire Brock campus that may involve walking for 15 minutes each way. We recognize that some children will need extra support in our wild camp environment! 

If your child receives support at school or in other educational settings, we recommend one-on-one support at camp. While we would be able to support a wide variety of exceptionalities, the staff consist of university students not EAs, or child & youth workers therefore we do have limitations. For example, we are not able to support toileting.  

A limited number of spaces will be available each week for campers requiring one to one support.  To support the most campers and their families, each camper can register for one week to start. As space permits these spaces would be offered to the families again.  

Campers registered for one to one support will then also select the camp of their choice (Youth U, Sports School, Aquatics) and participate fully in the camp activities. Having one to one support allows campers to step out of regular programming as their needs demand. Please note that our one to one staff are in place for the regular camp day but are not always the same staff assigned to supervise extended care.  

As in the past, we will continue to offer the option for families to make arrangements for an Independent Support Worker to attend camp with a child at their own expense. 

For more information please speak with Michelle Leone at 905-688-5550 x. 3764 or mleone@brocku.ca