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  • Section 1: Contact information

    Spring 2024 Overnight Bookings! May 13 - June 21, 2024 Trip Dates
  • Where can we get ahold of you? School or your cell?
  • Section 2: Booking information

    Please tell us about the type of program you are most interested in. During the pre-trip planning, we will work with you to select the workshops and programming that fits best with your students needs.
  • Dates of arrival are Monday and Wednesdays only. Preference of dates is given to 3 day 2 night bookings. We only take 2 day 1 night bookings in May.
    These options are subject to availability and you will have have the chance to change your selections.
  • Section 3: Residence Option.

    We advise their be 1 chaperone per 11 students. For every 11 students booked accommodations and dining fees are free for chaperones.
    Every floor in DeCew Residence has four double rooms and four single rooms sharing two 3-piece washrooms and two lounges. *We advise their be 1 chaperone per floor.
    Upgrade residence offers a semi suite style rooming with a shared 4 piece washroom in between students. *We advise their be 1 chaperone per floor
  • Section 4: Customize your trip

    Full Cancellation Policy listed in the camp fees section of webpage.
    Bus to and from Niagara Falls. Tickets for Niagara Skywheel + 3 attractions on Clifton Hill and All you can eat Pizza at Boston Pizza. Also, time to walk and view Niagara Falls.
    There are laundry facilities in your residence but some schools like the option for a clean shirt. Your camp shirt must be worn at all times as part of our risk management processes.
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Includes important information for supervisors during the trip.

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We recommend you customize this information to suite the needs of your school.

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