At Youth University, we encourage learning all year round! Guided by an experienced instructor, your child will get hands-on with a variety of technology types. The After-school programs encourage 21st century thinking in problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and technological literacy. We offer a supportive and welcoming experience on a post-secondary campus. Most importantly, youth will laugh and have a great time!

Fall 2023 Registration Open

$250 per student.

Tech Club: Open to kids in grades 3 through 7.
Tuesdays, September 19 to November 21

6:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Week 1: Stop-Motion

Week 2: Tinkercad 3-D Design

Week 3: Tynker Coding

Week 4: Engineering and Circuitry 

Week 5: Engineering and Circuitry 

Week 6: Videogame Design

Week 7: Videogame Design

Week 8: Robotics – Design and Build

Week 9: Robotics – Programming and Challenges

Week 10: Showcase

Students will have the opportunity to revisit their favorite types of technology from the program to show off the skills they have developed.

Drop off and pickup campus map

Parents can park in Zone 1 for Technology Club drop-off and pick-up. Parents will meet a staff member in front of the Plaza Building and Campus Store, by following the green line to the pick-up and drop-off point. The programming classroom will be in Mackenzie Chown Complex, Marked by the separate green dot. During the first week staff will also walk parents to the class for reference, in case of late drop off or early pick-up.