Why we are unique

Group outdoor activity

A community environment

Our approach is to establish community as the foundation for all learning. We believe in learning with, and from, each other.

Outdoor ropes course

 Unique subjects, activities and equipment

We explore subjects from unique angles. Our activities are fun, active and hands-on. Our equipment — from our 3D printers to our challenge course — provides unique opportunities for everyone.

Young boy giving thumbs up on rope course

Experiential Learning

Our instruction is based on learning through experience and reflection. In this approach, learners are actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, solving problems, assuming responsibility, being creative, discussing and constructing meaning.

Group of young campers with female mentor looking at things with magnifying glass

Key 21st century transferable skills

In a world of growing interdependence and fast-paced change, 21st century skills such as communication, problem solving, collaboration, creative thinking and technological literacy are increasingly essential. Our programs focus on developing key learning and life skills.

University mentor with group of campers

Caring mentors

Trained Brock student mentors, selected for their ability to build a safe community, their contagious enthusiasm, and of course their expertise, guide.

Boy unpacking in a dorm room

Lifelong learning, career and post-secondary education awareness

In a world of fast-paced change, people will need to learn throughout their lives. Spending time on campus and meeting university students provides that spark to encourage young people to begin thinking about their educational future. Returning to campus as an adult inspires individuals to actively engage in their own lifelong learning.