Risk management

For our team at Brock University, safety is our most important priority. Since 2004, more than 68,000 youth and adults have participated safely with our organization.

Youth University has proactive safety measures, protocols and trainings in place. We are considered an industry leader in risk management.

Some of our proactive measures include:

  • Weekly physical and emotional close call/incident review and program adjustment
  • Seasonal industry standard review and policy adjustment
  • Facilitator training in emergency protocols, standard operating procedures and crisis prevention/management
  • Each facilitator carries a first aid kit at all times
  • Thorough instructions on the proper use of equipment provided to all participants
  • 24-hour security personnel are available for all on campus activities
  • Youth University has membership with and/or follows standards set by the following organizations: ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology), OPHEA (Ontario Physical Education and Health Education Association), and the OCA (Ontario Camping Association).