Workday is here!

Brock University has implemented a new Finance system and is in the process of implementing a new HR and Payroll system. All employees will have access to Workday to submit expenses and book vacation time, contracts or time sheets. Select “Learn More” to discover what Workday means for you.

Benefits of Workday

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Workday lives completely in the cloud, meaning all software and data are delivered to users over the internet. No software installation is needed, which reduces cost and allows for the software to be continually upgraded without disruption.


All of Workday’s 700+ clients are using the same version of their software, resulting in a community with unprecedented levels of communication and collaboration.

Secure and reliable infrastructure

Data is safe and secure as Workday follows rigorous security safeguards. Because all users are always on the same software version, Workday can quickly respond to security threats by pushing security updates to all users.

Improved Reporting

Data and reporting provided by Workday will give Brock University leadership information they need to make important decisions, all in one place, and with far greater capabilities than those that currently exist.

Mobile Capability

Performing HR and Finance tasks on the go is easy with Workday’s phone or tablet app.

Intuitive and flexible design

Workday’s user-friendly design makes it feel like the websites you’re used to (Facebook, Netflix, banking sites, etc.). Users can easily do what they need to do from the moment they log in.

Self-service for employees and managers

Faculty and staff have the ability to update or access their information privately from any computer or mobile device with internet connection.


Workday easily integrates with other applications that Brock may choose to use in the future.

Focus on Higher Education

Brock is an active participant in shaping the future of Workday’s higher education services.

Following an assessment phase, which compared Brock’s current practices and workflows to Workday processes, Human Resources commenced preparation for the full implementation of Workday, beginning August 2017. This phase will include meetings with key Brock stakeholders and clients to better understand current practices while preparing for Workday’s implementation.

One of HR’s top priorities is to engage staff and faculty impacted by this change. They will be invited to attend sessions at different points in the process to provide user insight. HR will use this information to better understand the role of departments and Faculties in areas of recruiting, onboarding and tracking time off.

This expertise and insight will allow us to understand the needs outside of HR and help to ensure a successful Workday transition.

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