Brock Well-Being Research Lab

Welcome to the Well-Being Research Lab located in the Department of Psychology at Brock University, St. Catharines Ontario, Canada.

Well-Being Research Lab

In the Well-Being Research Lab there are two main focus areas for our research:

One aspect of our research focuses on “subjective well-being” (SWB; Diener, 1984), which is typically defined in terms of three main components: high life satisfaction, frequent experiences of positive affect, and infrequent negative affect.

We are interested in several questions concerning SWB, including how its three components fit together, as well as the causes, correlates, and consequences of SWB.

Another aspect of our research focuses on how people evaluate their SWB as unfolding over time, that is, their beliefs concerning their past, current, and anticipated future well-being. We are particularly interested in the sources and potential implications of these beliefs with respect to adaptive functioning.

We are interested in understanding these issues from a lifespan perspective, drawing on experiences and findings based on people of various ages, from adolescence through older adulthood.