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Geography and Tourism Studies  
Chair Michael Pisaric Professor Emeriti Hugh Gayler, Anthony B. Shaw, Catherine Jean Nash Professors David Butz, David A. Fennell, Christopher Fullerton, Atsuko Hashimoto, Phillip Gordon Mackintosh, John Menzies, Michael Pisaric, Michael Ripmeester, Dragos Simandan, David J. Telfer Associate Professors Julia Baird, Jeffrey Boggs, David T. Brown, Danuta de Grosbois, David Goldblum, Kevin Turner, Ebru Ustundag Adjunct Professors Jayson Childs, David Morimoto Director, Co-op, Career and Experiential Education Cara Krezek Academic Advisors Samantha Morris, Teresa Shanley  
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Administrative Co-ordinator/Academic Advisor Teresa Shanley 905-688-5550, extension 3484 Mackenzie Chown, C322 brocku.ca/geotour The Department of Geography and Tourism Studies offers three programs of study: a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, a Bachelor of Science in Geography and a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Environment. A four-year program leading to a BA Honours degree as well as a Co-op option and a three-year program leading to the BA Pass degree are offered in all three programs. The BA in Tourism and Environment also offers a four-year degree with Major. In Geography and Tourism Studies courses, dedicated scholars and research practitioners blend classroom learning with small-group seminar discussions and hands-on lab experiences. Many courses also have a strong fieldwork component including, for example, a fourth-year internship course, third-year field research courses, a co-op option and specialized courses involving travel to Canadian or international destinations. Students in Geography and Tourism Studies programs have done field courses and internships in places such as Croatia, London, Chicago, Peterborough, New Zealand, Florida (Disney World) and Thailand.  
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The discipline of Geography has a broad scope and combines elements of both the social and natural sciences. At Brock University, Geography programs have three main components: human geography, physical geography and geomatics. Human Geography is concerned with understanding the human world and its interaction with physical, built, and symbolic landscapes. The Department offers several human geography courses that integrate the cultural, social, economic and environmental realms in examinations of real-world issues related to urban and rural planning, community and economic development, gender relations, international development, cultural and historical geography, tourism planning and resource management, among others. Physical Geography is the study of the Earth’s surface features and processes. It aims to explain the geographic pattern of landforms, soils, water, vegetation, and climate by understanding the processes operating at the surface of the earth, and how these processes interact, affect and complement human activities. Through the Department’s physical geography courses, students are exposed to a wide range of sub-disciplines, including geomorphology, glacial studies, climatology, meteorology, biogeography, and environmental studies. Geomatics includes scientific and technological activities which integrate various fields, including cartography, remote sensing, and geographical information systems (GIS), for the collection, analysis, and management of spatially referenced data. Geography graduates equipped with these skills are well positioned to meet the growing demand for professionals who combine a geographic education with strong geomatics skills. Geography and Tourism Studies also offers several methodology and field courses that provide students with the skills necessary for conducting primary research and gaining a better appreciation of the centrality of geography to understanding human life. Students may be admitted to the honours program at any time. The honours program provides students with an opportunity for a more intensive examination of issues in the discipline. Geography and the Faculty of Education co-operate in offering a Concurrent BA (Honours) or BSc (Honours)/BEd degree at both the Junior/Intermediate and Intermediate/Senior levels. Please consult the Geography entry for a listing of courses and program requirements.  
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Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and our programs explore how humans can manage the opportunities, challenges and consequences associated with our ever-changing quest for travel. The two Tourism programs at Brock University (BA Tourism and Environment and BA Tourism and Environment Tourism Management stream) cover the fundamental areas of tourism planning and management but are also designed to teach students to think critically about the long-term future of the industry and its place in society. These programs are designed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving tourism industry and incorporate a co-op option and internships (including an internship at Walt Disney World in collaboration with the University of Florida), as well as professional and field experiences for students. Upon graduating students will be well prepared for career opportunities in a variety of tourism and hospitality businesses, and in public, commercial and non-profit organizations. Please consult the Tourism Studies entry for a listing of courses and program requirements.  
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