2023-2024 Undergraduate Calendar

Legal Notice: How this calendar applies to you What this Calendar is: This Undergraduate Calendar sets out the regulations, programs and courses for the 2023-2024 academic year, including the 2023 Spring and Summer Semester sessions, the 2023 Fall session, and the 2024 Winter session. The course listings and academic programs outlined in the Calendar represent Senate-approved requirements and electives for completion of degree requirements. The mode and manner of delivery of courses is outlined via the Academic Timetable, which may be found at: https://brocku.ca/registrar/toolkit/registration/. How this Calendar applies to you: By registering in an undergraduate course, each student becomes bound by the Calendar and the policies of Brock University. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the regulations, general information, and specific academic program requirements contained in the Calendar. While academic advising services are available, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that the courses in which they register fulfill their degree and program requirements. Your degree program requirements are those set out in the Calendar in effect in the year in which you entered your program, unless your studies are interrupted for more than a year, in which case, you will be subject to the Calendar in effect at the time of your re-registration. Changes to the Calendar: The University Senate reserves the right to approve changes to academic policies and programs set out in this calendar including, but not limited to cancelling programs. The University Registrar (or designate) may make editorial changes to the Calendar. These updates and corrections to the Calendar made be made without prior notice to you. The University uses best efforts, insofar as reasonably possible, to confirm the accuracy of this Calendar at the time it was published. It is understood and agreed that the University will not be in any way liable for any inaccuracies in the Calendar arising from changes to policies and programs approved by the University Senate or for any changes to the Calendar following publication. Inconsistency: If there is an inconsistency between the Calendar and policies and programs approved by the University Senate, the terms of the policy or program approved by Senate will prevail.  
Last updated: February 13, 2023 @ 09:45AM