2023-2024 Graduate Calendar

Graduate Studies Courses  
Courses listed below are communal courses open to all graduate students, and may be used as electives in programs that require elective courses as part of the course work for the program (subject to Graduate Program Director approval), or may be taken in addition to program requirements. These courses are aimed at providing knowledge and skills that are outside the research-specific courses provided by graduate programs. Each of these courses is graded as Credit/No-Credit and will appear on the graduate student’s transcript.  
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Students must ensure that prerequisites are met. Students may be deregistered, at the request of the instructor, from any course for which prerequisites and/or restrictions have not been met. #GRST 5P01 Theory and Practice of University Teaching An exploration of the theories and practices of teaching in the post-secondary environment using an experiential approach to course planning, instructional methods, evaluation and assessment and reflective practice. #GRST 5P02 The Theory and Practice of Service-Learning An exploration of the theory and practice of service-learning in the post-secondary environment. An experiential approach to planning, implementing, managing and assessing service-learning activities.  
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