2018-2019 Undergraduate Calendar

Undeclared Arts and Undeclared Science  
Students failing to meet the minimum academic program requirements will be removed from their programs and will be designated as either Undeclared Arts or Undeclared Science. Students who have a status of Undeclared Arts or Undeclared Science are not eligible to graduate and must apply and be accepted into a degree program of their choice. Students who are not accepted into their program of choice can opt to declare a Bachelor of Arts General Humanities, Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences or Bachelor of Science. Refer to the calendar entries for these programs to ensure that requirements are met and subject restrictions are avoided. Undeclared Arts or Undeclared Science students should contact Academic Advising at my.brocku.ca - Applicant and Self-Serve Appointment Bookings to discuss their program options prior to their next registration session.  
Last updated: March 29, 2018 @ 11:29AM