2018-2019 Graduate Calendar

Academic Computing Information  
I. Computing Access for Students Go to top of document
All students at Brock University are assigned a computer ID during the online registration process (Student Self Service). This ID gives students access to email, computer labs and other computing resources at the University. It is important to note that your Brock email address will be used by most or all University departments and services as the primary means of communication. Students should be sure to check their Brock email often for important messages.  
II. A Guide to Academic Computing Behaviour Go to top of document
The purpose of these guidelines is to promote the ethical, considerate and responsible use of Brock's computing facilities. In a community of users, one should not do anything that would place at risk these facilities, the network or its users. The following points are of general nature and are not meant to be definitive. Clarification of individual concerns may be done through the use of readily available public documents such as, but not limited to, Brock's Academic Misconduct Policy, the Criminal Code, the Libel and Slander Act of Canada and individual academic department policies. Disciplinary or legal actions could be instituted by Brock if there are infractions of such policies.
1.  Computers in labs may be used only with authorization.
2.  User codes for networked facilities are available to the Brock community and must be protected and not shared. Users are expected to keep their password secret and secure.
3.  Use of any facilities for business or financial gain is specifically prohibited, unless prior written approval is obtained from the Vice-President, Administration.
4.  As Brock's network facilities are connected to the Internet, usage of the network is governed by the acceptable use policies of connected nets and the laws of other countries. Users are urged to be sensitive and aware of other cultures and nations in their postings to the Internet.
5.  It should not be assumed that Email and other data is private as it traverses Brock's internal network or the Internet. Users are urged to act accordingly.
6.  Due to inevitable system upgrades or malfunctions, Brock's system administrators may need to inspect user directories. If any data are required to remain private at all times, then the user must use encryption or removable storage media.
7.  Any deliberate attempt to discover or alter other users' passwords is expressly prohibited, as are any attempts to subvert system security or operation of any of Brock's computers or other networked computers.
8.  Brock's facilities may not be used for illegal purposes and it is expressly noted that copying copyrighted software and the execution of illegally copied software on Brock's facilities is prohibited.
9.  Harassment in any form is not allowed. Brock has specific policies regarding harassment which will be enforced.
10.  Any attempt to hide the identity of the sender/originator of a message will be treated as a serious infraction.
11.  Any violation or attempted violations of these guidelines should be reported quickly to the lab supervisor or the appropriate system administrator for further action.
12.  Users will be required to acknowledge the contents of this Guide to Academic Computing Behaviour during the online registration process. Further clarification of any points in this document should be addressed to the Associate VP of Student Services.
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