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International Political Economy

This program is offered through the Departments of Economics and Political Science

Robert Dimand, Department of Economics
Hevina S. Dashwood, Department of Political Science

General Information

Administrative Assistant
Karen Phillips

905-688-5550, extension 4697
Plaza 451

Administrative Assistant
Dorothy Krynicki

905-688-5550, extension 3476
Plaza 328

The Honours BA in International Political Economy offers students an opportunity to combine studies in Economics and Political Science to develop an understanding of the forces of globalization and their consequences.

The study of political economy explores, from diverse perspectives, the interplay of economic forces with political processes and institutions, and in particular, the relationship between states and markets. Many of the most significant questions of political economy are becoming international in scope because of three interrelated phenomena: production, finance and trade increasingly transcend the traditional jurisdictions of nation states; the effects of economic globalization have been intensified by developments in communications technologies and cultural processes; in these contexts, fundamental political questions of (re)distribution and power are becoming internationalized, and international forces increasingly rival domestic ones as influences on state policy.

Program Notes
  1. ECON 3P91 or 3Q91; ECON 4P13 and 4P14 are recommended for those intending to proceed to graduate studies in Economics.
  2. One of POLI 4P20, 4P22, 4P24, 4P26, 4P27, 4P28, 4P95 strongly recommended.
  3. In 20 credit degree programs a maximum of eight credits may be numbered 1(alpha)00 to 1(alpha)99; at least three credits must be numbered 2(alpha)90 or above; at least three credits must be numbered 3(alpha)90 or above; and the remaining credits must be numbered 2(alpha)00 or above.
    In some circumstances, in order to meet university degree and program requirements, more than 20 credits may be taken.

Honours Program

Year 1
·   ECON 1P91 and 1P92
·   MATH 1P05 or 1P97
·   MATH 1P98
·   one POLI credit numbered 1(alpha)90 to 1(alpha)99
·   one Humanities context credit (HIST 1F95 recommended)
·   one Sciences context credit

Year 2
·   ECON 2P21, 2P22, 2P30 and 2P90
·   POLI 2F20 and 2P91
·   POLI 2P92 or 2P93
·   one elective credit

Year 3
·   ECON 3P13, 3P21, 3P22 and 3P90
·   POLI 3P21 and 3P26
·   one credit from POLI 2P94, 2P97, 3P28, 3P33 (recommended), 3P43, 3P94
·   one elective credit

Year 4
·   ECON 3P93 and 3P94
·   POLI 4P21 or 4P28
·   one ECON credit numbered 2(alpha)99 or above (see program note 1)
·   one and one-half POLI credits numbered 3(alpha)99 or above (see program note 2)
·   one elective credit

Description of Courses

See relevant calendar entry for course descriptions.