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Education - Concurrent BSc Integrated Studies (Honours)/BEd (Junior/Intermediate)  
Administrative Director, Concurrent Education Programs Sandra Regier Associate Administrative Director, Concurrent Education Programs Ethna Bernat Faculty Representatives William J. Ralph (Faculty of Mathematics and Science), Ann-Marie DiBiase (Faculty of Education)  
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Administrative Assistant Mona Lavoie 905-688-5550 extension 4226 Welch Hall 8A brocku.ca/education The Faculty of Mathematics and Science and the Faculty of Education co-operate in offering a concurrent six-year program combining a Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Honours) degree in Integrated Studies with a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree for students interested in teaching mathematics and sciences at the Junior/Intermediate level (grades 4-10) emphasizing elementary school (grades 4-8). Students must be registered full-time and follow the prescribed program. Any exceptions must have the approval of the Administrative Director of Concurrent Education Programs and the Chair, Department of Teacher Education. Students must maintain a minimum 70 percent cumulative overall average each year in all undergraduate academic grade-marked courses. Each student must choose a teachable subject from one of Physical Geography, Mathematics or Science-General. A minimum of 3.0 credits is required in a teachable subject, a Minor is recommended and students are encouraged to consult with the departments to select courses relevant to elementary school education. The selection of the teachable subject must be declared through the Office of Concurrent Education Programs prior to registration for Year 2. A minimum of 10.5 academic undergraduate credits in Mathematics and Sciences must be completed for a BSc Honours degree to be awarded. Teacher Education courses are credited toward the BEd while the remaining courses, including the Undergraduate Education courses, are credited to the BSc. For this reason, a student who transfers out of the BSc (Honours)/BEd program will not have credit in Teacher Education courses applied to an undergraduate degree. Students should note that credits for the concurrent BSc (Honours)/BEd program are not evenly distributed between the years because of the structure of Education courses. Students are responsible to note Calendar and scheduling differences between the Undergraduate and Teacher Education Departments. The Teacher Education program is organized subject to the requirements of Brock University and outside regulatory organizations that govern teacher education in Ontario (e.g. the Ontario College of Teachers). In any year the program requirements for the Teacher Education program may change in order to meet outside regulatory requirements. Students must complete program requirements for the first four years of the concurrent program by September prior to commencing Year 5. Students must maintain continuous registration within a twelve-month period to retain concurrent education status. Possible resumption of concurrent status will be evaluated on an individual basis. Terms of study at another institution cannot be accommodated during Fall/Winter sessions. Successful graduates will receive a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Integrated Studies and a Bachelor of Education degree. Upon successful completion of a teacher education program, teacher candidates are normally recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers for membership and to receive their Ontario Certificate of Qualification. The Department of Teacher Education reserves the right to assign Concurrent Education students, in Years 5 and 6, to either the Hamilton or St Catharines campus. Students are responsible for their own transportation for practice teaching, courses and other activities related to the program, which may be scheduled at locations other than the assigned campus. This is a limited enrolment program. Although admissions will be primarily based on grades, other criteria, such as balance across teachable disciplines or teaching areas of high need may be used in the selection process in any particular year.  
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1.  The Ontario College of Teachers requires both a criminal record check and a criminal record declaration by the applicant as necessary components of registration for new applicants.
2.  The costs associated with the provision of the criminal record check and any appeals are to be borne by the applicant.
3.  All positive reports of criminal offences will be examined by the Ontario College of Teachers Registrar to determine whether the record of offence(s) is relevant to the applicant's honesty, integrity and/or suitability to practice the profession and whether the offence(s) constitute reasonable grounds for refusal to issue a certificate of qualification and registration, or to impose terms, conditions or limitations on registration, in accordance with Section 18(2) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act.
4.  Applicants for registration by the Ontario College of Teachers will be advised of the reasons for the decisions of the Ontario College of Teachers Registrar to refuse certification or to impose terms, conditions or limitations and that appeals to these decisions will be determined in accordance with Part III of the Ontario College of Teachers Act.
  Questions regarding the policy should be directed to the Ontario College of Teachers.
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Students interested in the BSc Integrated Studies (Honours)/BEd (Junior/Intermediate) program apply directly from secondary school. University or college transfer applicants with less than the equivalent of 4.0 university transfer credits may be considered for admission. Brock students may apply and be admitted to Year 2 if there is space available. To apply students must have a minimum 70 percent overall average in Year 1; their Year 1 program must replicate the 5.0 credit concurrent program requirements; the secondary school English and Mathematics program admission requirements must be met. Application forms are available on the Concurrent Education web site from April 1. The completed documents must be filed in the Concurrent Education Office by June 1. Late applications will not be accepted. Students should note that this is a limited enrolment program and admission is not guaranteed by attainment of the minimum requirements. Students must complete the academic admission requirements for the Junior/Intermediate Teacher Education BEd degree before completing the BSc Integrated Studies (Honours)/BEd program as follows: 4U/M courses or university or university/college preparation courses in Canadian geography and Canadian history (or similar courses emphasizing Canadian content), mathematics, science and English. For those students who have not completed these courses before attending Brock, the following courses or equivalents will be accepted: one-half university credit in Canadian geography, GEOG 2P50 is recommended; CANA 1F91, or one-half university credit in Canadian history. Students are also encouraged to take arts and physical education courses.  
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1.  CHYS 2P15 has field experience and must be taken during the Fall/Winter Session.  
2.  Practice teaching blocks are completed in elementary schools, grades 4-8, and may have to be scheduled in May and June of Years 5 and 6.  
3.  Students failing to maintain the 70 percent cumulative overall average may request an opportunity to upgrade their marks and to reapply to the concurrent program. A request to upgrade may be granted only once.  
4.  Courses may be taken from BCHM, BIOL, BTEC, CHEM, COSC, ERSC, MATH, NEUR, OEVI, PHYS, SCIE or courses that are recognized for Science credit (see Departments of Geography, Health Sciences and Kinesiology)  
5.  To develop a teachable subject, students are encouraged to consult with the departments to choose courses relevant to elementary school curriculum.  

Students must develop a teachable subject (a minimum of 3.0 credits) in any one of the following subject areas listed:

GEOGRAPHY - A minimum of 0.5 credit in Canadian geography. A maximum of 1.0 credit in Earth Sciences/Environmental Studies.

MATHEMATICS - A maximum of 1.0 credit in Statistics.

SCIENCE - GENERAL - 2.0 credits in one subject must be from biology, chemistry or physics (including Astronomy). The remaining credit may be from one of these subjects not used or from Earth Sciences or Environmental Science.

For general guidelines on selecting courses for teachable subjects refer to Admissions under Teacher Education.

7.  Students must achieve a 75 percent average in the minimum 3.0 credits for a teachable subject. A maximum of 2.0 Year 1 credits can be included in that teachable subject.  
8.  APCO 1P01 and 1P50 are recommended as courses in applied computing relevant to students in concurrent education.  
9.  May be taken in the Spring session preceding Years 4 or 5, or during Fall/Winter session Year 4.  
10.  Students are encouraged to choose electives from various departments/centres to broaden their academic background. If students register in more than a total of 1.0 credit from the approved undergraduate education list in Year 4, they may be deregistered.  
11.  Police record check with vulnerable sector screening is required for courses with field placements. Associated fees are the student's responsibility.  
12.  A passing grade in all required previous teacher education courses is required to proceed to Year 6.  

In 20 credit degree programs a maximum of eight credits may be numbered 1(alpha)00 to 1(alpha)99; at least three credits must be numbered 2(alpha)90 or above; at least three credits must be numbered 3(alpha)90 or above; and the remaining credits must be numbered 2(alpha)00 or above.

In some circumstances, in order to meet university degree and program requirements, more than 20 credits may be taken.

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Year 1
- CHYS 1F90
- EDUC 1F95
- one credit from CANA 1F91, DART 1F91, 1F95, ENGL 1F91, 1F95, 1F97, FREN_1F90 HIST 1F90, 1F92, 1F95, 1F96, 1P97, 1P98,1P99, MUSI 1F10, 1F50, VISA 1P99, 1Q98, 1Q99
- one credit in Junior/Intermediate teachable subject or Science elective credit (see program notes 4, 5, 6 and 7)
- one Sciences context credit
Year 2
- CHYS 2P10 and 2P15 (see program note 1)
- one APCO, COSC or MATH credit (see program note 8)
- EDUC 2P65
- one credit in Junior/Intermediate teachable subject (see program notes 4, 5, 6 and 7)
- one Science elective credit
- one-half elective credit
Year 3
- EDUC 3F02, 3P00 and 3P45
- EDBE 8P15
- one Science elective credit (see program note 4)
- one credit in Junior/Intermediate teachable subject (see program notes 4, 5, 6 and 7)
- one elective credit
Year 4
- MATH 3P91 or ESCI 3P91
- one of EDUC 3P60, 3P70, 3P90, 3P91, 3P95, 3P96, 4P01, 4P03, 4P35, 4P36, 4P46, 4P62, 4P70, 4P80, 4P95 (see program notes 9 and 10)
- EDUC 4P18 and 4P28
- three Science elective credits (see program note 4)
Year 5
- EDBE 8P01, 8P02, 8P03, 8P10, 8P14, 8P24, 8P27, 8P29, 8P35, 8Y01, 8Y02 and 8Y08
Year 6
- EDBE 8P40, 8P41, 8P43, 8P47, 8P54, 8P56, 8P58, 8Y41, 8Y42 and 8Y43
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See relevant calendar entry for course descriptions.  
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