2016-2017 Undergraduate Calendar

Education- Bachelor of Education-Primary and Junior (Aboriginal)  
Director Susan Sydor Co-ordinator Marg Raynor  
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Administrative Co-ordinator Sarah McGean 905-688-5550, extension 3530 Brock Innovation and Research Centre 107 The Tecumseh Centre for Aboriginal Research and Education offers a Bachelor of Education degree for students interested in teaching at the Primary/Junior level (grades K-6). The program incorporates Aboriginal learning preferences and cultural diversity. This community-based curriculum model relies on qualified local Aboriginal educators to facilitate the learner's educational journey. Courses are offered in a facilitated learning cohort model, face-to-face at locations across the province. Successful graduates will receive a Bachelor of Education degree. Upon successful completion of a teacher education program, teacher candidates are normally recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers for membership and to receive their Ontario Certificate of Qualification. For further information contact the Administrative Co-ordinator. Bachelor of Education-Primary and Junior (Aboriginal) students with credit in CHYS 1F95 will be deemed to have fulfilled their Social Sciences context requirement.  
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Candidates may be admitted with at least Grade 12 standing. Preference will be given to those with some post secondary experience.  
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1.  Brock will award a maximum of one advanced standing credit. Students seeking advanced standing through transfer credits should consult the Admissions section of this Calendar for further information.  
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- INDG 2F40, 2F70, 2P94 and 3P95
- ABED 4F14, 4F15, 4F16, 4F17 and 4F18
- ABTE 8P75, 8P77, 8P78, 8P80, 8P81, 8P83, 8P84, 8P85, 8P90, 8P92, 8P93, 8P97, 8P98, 8Y04, 8Y05, 8Y71, 8Y72, 8Y73, 8Y74, 8Y76, 8Y82, 8Y86, 8Y87, 8Y88, 8Y89, 8Y95 and 8Y96
- CHYS 1F95
- one Humanities context credit
- one Sciences context credit
- two elective credits numbered 1(alpha)00 or above
- two elective credits numbered 2(alpha)00 or above
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See relevant calendar entry for course descriptions.  
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