2013-2014 Undergraduate Calendar

General Humanities  
Students wishing to pursue a pattern of studies that does not coincide with either a single major or a combined major program may choose a Bachelor of Arts (Pass) Degree in General Humanities  
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BA in General Humanities is available as a 15-credit degree only. Course selection for this degree program is strictly limited and as the requirements differ from other BA degrees, students should be aware of the specific requirements for this degree. The requirement for graduation with a BA in General Humanities is a minimum 60 percent overall average on completion of program requirements. A Bachelor of Arts General Humanities degree will carry no major or area of concentration. Students electing to pursue a General Humanities program should develop a program plan in consultation with an Academic Adviser in the Office of the Registrar or with one of the their respective Faculty Academic Advisers in the Faculty of Humanities.  
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1.  The majority of the credits earned must be offered by Departments/Centres within the Faculty of Humanities.  
2.  It is recommended that students take one Humanities context credit, one Sciences context credit, one Social Sciences context credit and two elective credits in Year 1.  
3.  Students may choose up to two Minors.  
4.  A student may select a maximum of five credits from each of two disciplines (including courses cross listed with each discipline), with the exception of courses from the Faculties of Applied Health Sciences, Business and Education. In these cases, a maximum of five credits may be taken from any combination of designated Applied Health Sciences, Business and Education courses (including courses cross listed with those faculties.)  

In 15 credit degree programs a maximum of eight credits may be numbered 1(alpha)00 to 1(alpha)99; at least three credits must be numbered 2(alpha)90 or above; and the remaining credits must be numbered 2(alpha)00 or above.

In some circumstances, in order to meet university degree and program requirements, more than 15 credits may be taken.

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- One Humanities context credit
- one Sciences context credit
- one Social Sciences context credit
- seven additional Humanities credits (see program notes 3 and 4)
- five elective credits (see program notes 3, 4 and 5)
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