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Experiential Learning Opportunities at Brock University  
I. Overview of Experiential Learning at Brock Go to top of document
Brock University offers a variety of Experiential Learning Opportunities for student employment and career preparation, on and off campus. Experiential learning at Brock incorporates both alternatives that are integral to students' academic programs, and alternatives that are optional, non-credit services for students. Academic experiential learning opportunities are offered by each of the Faculties and include:
- Co-op degree programs
- Internship degree programs
- Teaching placements
- Course-based internships and field work projects
- Service learning courses
Non-credit experiential opportunities for current students are co-ordinated in Student Services and include:
- Experience Plus
- Mentorship Plus
- International Plus
- Med Plus
Experiential learning at Brock is designed to develop students' skills as productive, competent, responsible and reputable graduates that are well prepared for the workplace.
II. Co-op and Internship Programs Go to top of document
1. Co-operative Programs Office Go to top of document
Director Cindy Dunne Academic South 362, extension 4325 Hours: Monday­Friday, 8:30­4:30 E-mail:coop@brocku.ca http://www.brocku.ca/co-op/ The Co-operative Programs Office at Brock provides information and assistance to applicants and registered students for all campus co-op and internship programs, and will:
- advise students regarding application to co-op programs, academic program requirements, job placements, and job searches;
- recruit employers for co-op and internship placements;
- maintain computerized on-line job banks for co-op and internship postings;
- facilitate the co-op placement process from employer job posting through co-op employer offer to hire;
- prepare students for successful placement experiences with pre-employment workshops;
- introduce students and employer through co-op job postings and on-campus interview assistance;
- monitor and support employer/student placements with regards to placement quality and student contribution through work site visitation and performance evaluation;
- support student recruitment to co-op and internships programs and evaluate student applications for admission decisions;
- provide placement information to the Registrar's Office for inclusion on students' academic transcripts.
Students who are interested in applying to a co-op or internship program are encouraged to contact the Co-operative Programs Office for information.
2. What is a Co-op or Internship? Go to top of document
Co-operative education combines traditional undergraduate academic programming and relevant work experience in alternating terms. The work term experiences are designed to prepare students for their transition from university to the professional community. The 4 and 5 year programs enable students to acquire experience in their areas of career interest. The practical experiences and academic studies complement one another. The Co-op Programs Office manages the administration and facilitation of the co-op experience at Brock. Co-op coordinators for each program support students throughout their co-op experience. Brock University co-op programs have clear advantages, particularly the limited class sizes that ensure appropriate time is allocated to each individual student. Students can explore career possibilities, where their interests lie and the type of work environment that best suits them, helping them make informed decisions about their career options. Co-op graduates have the highest rates of employment after graduation. Many employers use co-op programs as a way to identify and recruit their future permanent workforce.  
3. List of Current Programs Go to top of document
Please consult calendar copy programs for specific requirements.  
Co-op programs: Go to top of document
Accounting (BAcc Honours, 4.5 yrs) Applied Environmental Science and Technology (BSc Honours, 4.5 yrs) Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a Subsequent Language (BA Honours, 4 yrs) Biochemistry (BSc Honours, 5 yrs) Biotechnology (BSc Honours, 5 yrs) Business Administration (BBA Honours, 5 yrs) Business Economics (BBE, 4.5 yrs) Chemistry (BSc Honours, 4.5 - 5 yrs) Computer Science (BSc Honours, 4.5 yrs) Computing and Business (BCB Honours, 4.5 yrs) Computing and Solid-State Device Technology (BSc Honours, 4.5 yrs) Dramatic Arts (BA Honours, 4 yrs) Economics (BA Honours, 4.5 yrs) Geography (BA Honours, BSc Honours, 4 yrs) Mathematics and Computer Science (BSc Honours, 4.5 yrs) Neuroscience (BSc Honours, 5 yrs) Oenology and Viticulture (BSc Honours, 4 yrs) Physics (BSc Honours, 4.5 yrs) Political Science (BA Honours, 4.5 yrs) Psychology (BA Honours, with Major, 5 yrs)  
III. Practica and Course-based Experiential Learning1. Courses With Work Placements Go to top of document
In addition to co-op and internship programs, many other academic programs at Brock include specific courses that require a significant work placement. Normally, these course-based experiences are arranged with public service agencies, schools or employers on a voluntary work basis rather than as paid employment. Most of these courses are a core program requirement for a particular degree program in the discipline.  
2. Records and Fees Policy Go to top of document
The course number, course title and final grade are listed on the student's academic transcript. At the discretion of the individual faculty teaching the course, course-based experiential learning can also be linked to students' Experience Plus Records in the following ways:
- students may find exclusive course work placement opportunities for their course on the Volunteers Plus posting service at Career Services;
- through the on-line posting, students can begin their placement search in the summer, to have an approved placement arranged when the course begins in the fall;
- in collaboration with their professor, students can arrange with their placement supervisor for the placement details (location, job title, duties/employability skills) to be recorded on their Experience Plus Records. The standard course tuition fee normally covers the costs of course-based experiential learning.
IV. Part-time Experiential Learning through Career Services Go to top of document
Director Amy Elder Administrative Assistant Peggy Karges 905 688 5550, x3242 Resource Centre - Main Floor, Learning Commons Administrative Offices, ST 119 Hours: Monday - Friday - 8:30 - 4:30 careers@www.brocku.ca brocku.ca/career Career Services is dedicated to helping students explore career options, define career goals and plan their academic, work and volunteer opportunities to meet those goals. To see a complete description of the services available, please refer to the Student Services and Academic Support section of this calendar. The following describes the experiential learning experiences available through the Career Services department, Experience Plus and Med Plus:  
EXPERIENCE PLUS Go to top of document
Experience Plus Manager Pauline Dawson 905 688 5550, x4414 brocku.ca/career-services

Experience Plus - Brock's co-curricular transcript program

Brock's unique co-curricular program will provide you with an opportunity to track, highlight and document your activities, experiences and learning done outside of the classroom - things like on-campus jobs, volunteer work, participation in clubs, certificates and workshopst Your Experience Plus transcript will provide an inventory of your university experiences and growth and will be useful when applying for graduate or professional schools, scholarships and awards, and employment opportunities.

What's unique about Brock's program compared to other university co-curricular programs? We've added a suite of programs designed to create experience and skill-building opportunities in specific areas. The following outlines two of our most popular programs:

MED PLUS Go to top of document
Med Plus Co-ordinator Donna Chistoff 905 688 5550, x3106 brocku.ca/career-services/students-alumni/med-plus If you plan to pursue medical school or a health related career, consider Med Plus, a unique, extra-curricular experiential learning program. In partnership with area hospitals, practitioners and health organizations, Med Plus is designed to provide you with career development, practical experience and the most up-to-date information about the health care sector. Activities include:
- site visits to hospitals, social service agencies and community health centres;
- volunteer placements to gain valuable experience;
- presentations by physicians and other health professionals;
- workshops in first aid, CPR, allied health care;
- workshops in communication, team work and self awareness;
- personalized program counselling and information on admissions to medical school;
university documentation of your Med Plus experiences.

Note: this is a fee-based, part-time, non-credit program that runs concurrently with each year of the Brock academic programs.

For any student interested in a health profession, Med Plus is a great chance to learn more about the medical system and to build a network with health care professionals here in Niagara!

How to apply:

Med Plus is a limited enrolment program and requires a separate application. Admission is competitive; minimum requirements for consideration include:

- a minimum 80 per cent average, as indicated by an official transcript of marks;

- a strong interest in pursuing medicine or another health-related career, as indicated by a one-page Statement of Interest and a confidential letter of reference, to be submitted with the application;

- application deadline is May 1 each year.

How to apply: Go to top of document
Med Plus is a limited enrolment program and requires a separate application. Admission is competitive; minimum requirements for consideration include:
- a minimum 80 per cent average, as indicated by an official transcript of marks;
- a strong interest in pursuing medicine or another health-related career, as indicated by a one-page Statement of Interest and a confidential letter of reference, to be submitted with the application;
- application deadline is May 1 each year.
Continuation in Med Plus Go to top of document
Once admitted, students must participate in the full mandatory curriculum. The Med Plus program runs from September through April, over four years. Med Plus students who withdraw from the program forego their place, which is assigned to a student on the waiting list. A significant strength of the Med Plus program is developing an understanding of teamwork in academic and health delivery settings. Therefore, the University may withdraw a student's place under certain conditions, including inadequate attendance, unacceptable words or actions in a placement or visit, unsatisfactory placement evaluation, or unacceptably competitive behaviour with fellow Med Plus students. Students must maintain an average of 75 per cent to continue in the program each year.  
Records and Fees Policy Go to top of document
Students receive an official Med Plusrecord, separate from their academic transcript and from their Experience Plus record. The Med Plus record documents the personal and public health learning that students have acquired by listing the workshops, speakers, site visits, and volunteer placements in which each student has participated. Attendance is taken at each Med Plus event to ensure the accuracy of this record. Since Med Plus is a full cost-recovery program, students pay an annual membership fee to Career Services. The current fee is $700 per year; students may expect annual fee increases in the order of 5-10 per cent. If students withdraw from the program after accepting admission, partial fee refunds are pro-rated after June 15. The fee is non-refundable after October 31.  
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