2010-2011 Undergraduate Calendar

Administrative Officers  
President and Vice-Chancellor: Jack N. Lightstone, BA Carleton, MA, PhD Brown University Vice-President, Academic and Provost: Murray Knuttila, BA, MA Regina, PhD Toronto Vice-President, Finance and Administration: Steven Pillar, MPA Carleton Vice-President, University Advancement, David Petis Vice-President, Research, Ian Brindle, BA Manchester, MSc Brock, FRSC (UK), DSc Manchester Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Student Services: Kim Meade, BA, MA Acadia Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Academic: Gregory C. Finn, BSc Queen's, MSc Western Ontario, PhD Memorial Associate Vice-President, Facilities Management: Thomas Saint-Ivany, B. Eng. Royal Military College, Kingston, CD, CDSC, P. Eng. Associate Vice-President, Finance: Joanne McKee, BAdmin Brock, MBA Niagara, CA Associate Vice-President, Human Resources: Darren Harper, BBA Brock, CHRP Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Communications: Martha Nelson, BA Western, MA Carleton Interim Dean, Applied Health Sciences, Joanne McLean, BPE, MPE New Brunswick, PhD Ohio State Associate Dean, Anna H. Lathrop, Undergraduate Student Affairs, BPhEd Brock, MA Western Ontario, EdD Toronto Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, Michael L. Plyley, BSc, PhD Western, Ontario Dean, Faculty of Business, Philip J. Kitchen, BA Manchester Metropolitan, MSc, MBSc Manchester, PhD Keele) Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and AACSB, Barry Wright, BPE Alberta, MA, PhD Queen's Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs, Danny Cho, BA, BSc, MEng Toronto, PhD McMaster Dean, Faculty of Education: Fiona Blaikie, BA Cape Town, MA Victoria, PhD British Columbia Associate Dean, Rodger J. Beatty, BMus Western, BEd Toronto, MEd Queen's, EdD Toronto Dean, Graduate Studies: Marilyn J. Rose, BA McMaster, MA Concordia, PhD McMaster Dean, Faculty of Humanities: J. Douglas Kneale, BA, MA Western, PhD Toronto Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Curriculum, John Lye, BA Toronto, MA Texas Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, Carol Merriam, BA, MA Queen's, PhD Ohio State Interim Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Science: Richard J. Cheel, BA McMaster, MSc Ottawa, PhD McMaster

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Hichem Ben-El-Mechaiekh, BSc, MSc, PhD Montréal

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences: Thomas Dunk, BA Alberta, MA, PhD McGill

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, June Corman, BA Regina, MA, PhD Toronto

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, Ingrid Makus, BA Winnipeg, MA, PhD Toronto University Librarian: Margaret Grove, BA Brock, MA Toronto, MLS SUNY, Buffalo University Secretary and Privacy Commissioner: Michael Farrell, BA Trent, BEd Brock Executive Director, Information Technology Services, Philip Wright, BA Toronto, MA Western, PhD Toronto Registrar: Barb Davis, BA, MEd Brock Deputy Registrar: Kevin J. Kiss, BA Brock Associate Registrar, Academic Information and Protocol: Diane Uppal Associate Registrar, Enrolment Management, Reporting and Systems: Gloria Gallagher, BA Brock Associate Registrar, Examinations and Timetables: Patricia D. Cane Director, Admissions: Michelle Lea, BPhEd, BEd Brock Director, Recruitment and Retention: Beth Natale, BA , MEd Brock Co-ordinator, Academic Reviews and Planning: Patrick D. Beard, BA, MA Brock Internal Auditor: Robert Cargnelli Executive Director, Rosalind Blauer Centre for Child Care: Helene Randle Director, Alumni Relations: Christine Jones Director, Ancillary and Community Services: Thomas R. Arkell, BSc Trent Interim Director, Athletics, Chris Critelli Director, Book Store Operations: Trudy Lockyer, BA Brock Director, Brock Centre for the Arts: Deborah P. Slade Director, Campus Security Services: Donna Moody Director, Career Services: Amy Elder, BA Mercy Hurst College Director, Centre, Teaching and Educational Technologies: Barry Joe, BA, MA, PhD Toronto Director, Clinical Services: Melodie Shick-Porter, RN, BA Concordia Administrative Director, Concurrent Programs: Rosamund Battye, BA Brock, MEd Brock Director, Co-op Programs: Cindy Dunne, BComm McMaster Director, International Market Development, Glenwood H. Irons, BA Brock, MAH, MA, PHd SUNY, Buffalo Director, Graduate Studies: Gail Pepper, BA, MEd Brock Director, International Services: John F. Kaethler, BA Brock, BEd OTEC Director, Recreation Services: Karen McAllister-Kenny, BSc Waterloo, MEd Brock Director, Residences: James R. Fleming, BSc Trent, BEd Queen's Director, Student Awards and Financial Aid: Rico Natale Director, Student Development Centre: Cathie Closs, BA, BEd, MEd Queen's Director, University Advancement: Doug Earle, CFRE Manager, Office of Human Rights and Equity Services: Lynne Prout, BA Brock, LLB Western, Ontario Senior Administrative Officer, Faculty of Education: Joanne E. Smith, BA Brock, MLS SUNY, Buffalo
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