2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

This program is offered through the Department of Physics Co-ordinator Thad A. Harroun Advisers Edward Sternin, Department of Physics Art Van Der Est, Department of Chemistry  
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Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Horvath 905-688-5550, extension 3412 Mackenzie Chown B210 http://www.physics.brocku.ca/ Biophysics is the physics of life, of all living systems and their interaction with the surroundings, natural and artificial. It is a relatively new, but rapidly advancing field encompassing a wide variety of areas in natural and life sciences and uses all methods of scientific inquiry: theory, experiment and large scale computer simulation to understand living systems at the molecular level. Biophysics also forms the basis of many aspects of Medical Physics, another rapidly developing field in much demand at the current time. Brock's biophysics program will provide the students with a superb learning environment and exciting research opportunities. Extended research opportunities are available through Brock's participation in the Interdepartmental Biophysics Group (BIG) based at the University of Guelph. The interdisciplinary nature of the Biophysics program offers an opportunity to modify the sequence of courses to be taken, to reflect better the interests of the individual students. However, this places a greater onus on the students to make sure that the prerequisites are satisfied, and that a sufficient number of credits at each level is included. Biophysics students are strongly encouraged to contact the Co-ordinator no later than year 2 of their studies, to ensure that their chosen sequence of courses satisfies all academic constraints. In view of the vastness of the field of Biophysics and the enormous diversity among its various subfields, the program offers a high degree of flexibility to its students at the 4th year level in terms of choice of BIOL, BTEC, CHEM, PEKN, PHYS and PSYC/NEUR courses. Eligibility to continue in the program is based on the student's major average. All courses required for the program, excluding the electives, will be considered for the major average. Biophysics is an Honours only program. If a student's major average falls below the required 70 percent average by year three, they are advised to seek a three-year B.Sc. Degree in General Studies. Students should note that such a degree requires a minimum of five credits in one subject.  
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1.  Students are encouraged to include CHEM 3P40, 4P17, 4P18, MATH 2F05 and PHYS 3P92 among their electives.  
2.  BPHY 4F90 and 4F91 projects should be approved by the Co-ordinator. Projects under the supervision of faculty members outside the Faculty of Mathematics and Science are possible, but may require co-supervision by a member from the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, in addition to being approved by the Co-ordinator. BPHY 4F90/4F91 may, under special circumstances, be started in the summer months following year 3.  
3.  In 20 credit degree programs a maximum of eight credits may be numbered 1(alpha)00 to 1(alpha)99; at least three credits must be numbered 2(alpha)90 or above; at least three credits must be numbered 3(alpha)90 or above; and the remaining credits must be numbered 2(alpha)00 or above.  
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Year 1
- BIOL 1F90
- CHEM 1F92
- MATH 1P01 and 1P02, or MATH 1P05 and 1P06 (recommended)
- PHYS 1P91
- PHYS 1P92 or 1P93 (recommended)
- one Humanities context credit or one Social Sciences context credit
Year 2
- BIOL 2F01
- one of BIOL 2P92, 2P94, 2P97, 2P98
- CHEM 2P20
- MATH 1P12
- PHYS 2P02, 2P50 and 2P51
- the Humanities context credit or Social Sciences context credit not taken in year 1
Year 3
- BIOL 3P34
- CHEM 2P63
- PHYS 2P31 or 2P32
- PHYS 3P41, 3P70 and 3P91
- one credit from CHEM 2P12, BIOL 3P35, 3P50, 3P90, 3P91
- one elective credit (see program note 1)
Year 4
- BPHY 4F90 and 4F91 or two credits from BIOL 3(alpha)90 or above, CHEM 3(alpha)90 or above, PEKN 4P10, PHYS 3P36, PHYS 3(alpha)90 or above, PSYC 3F81 (see program notes 1 and 2)
- PHYS 3P02 and 3P35
- one credit from BIOL 4P03, 4P34, 4P84, CHEM 4P67
- one elective credit (see program note 1)
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Note that not all courses are offered in every session. Refer to the applicable term timetable for details. # Indicates a cross listed course * Indicates primary offering of a cross listed course  
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Students must check to ensure that prerequisites are met. Students may be deregistered, at the request of the instructor, from any course for which prerequisites and/or restrictions have not been met. BPHY 4F90 Research Project I Research project to be carried out under the supervision of a faculty member from the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry or Physics. BPHY 4F91 Research Project II Research project to be carried out under the supervision of a faculty member from the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry or Physics.  
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