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Communications, Popular Culture and Film

Russell Johnston

Barry K. Grant, Jim Leach

Associate Professors
Nick Baxter-Moore, Marian Bredin, Barry W. K. Joe, Russell Johnston, Jeannette Sloniowski, Bohdan Szuchewycz

Assistant Professors
Jacqueline Botterill, Dale A. Bradley, Tim Dun, Derek Foster, Jennifer Good, Sarah A. Matheson, Christie Milliken, Bohdan Y. Nebesio

M. Sharon Broderick, Scott Henderson

Adjunct Faculty
Terrance Cox, Joan Nicks

Director, Co-operative Programs
Cindy Dunne

Academic Adviser
Penni Lafleur

General Information

Administrative Assistant
Bridget Cahill

905-688-5550, extension 4290
Scotiabank Hall 344

The Department of Communications, Popular Culture and Film offers three separate programs of study in Communications Studies, Film Studies and Popular Culture. A four-year program leading to the BA Honours degree and a three-year program leading to the BA Pass degree is offered in all three programs. In addition, the Department is involved in programs with community colleges which offer students the opportunity to earn an honours degree in Communications Studies and a college diploma or certificate.

Communications Studies
Communications Studies is a limited enrolment, interdisciplinary program that studies human communicative behaviour, the institutions of communication and the social production of meaning. It has three streams. The streams share a core of COMM courses that focus on distinct areas of interest.

The Business Communications stream combines the study of communications with a study of some aspects of business. The stream aims to equip the student with a sound theoretical basis for analysing and practicing communications within the business environment.

The Digital Culture stream views computer networks, information technology and digital media as integral components of contemporary social and cultural practices. Primary emphasis is placed on the study of new media in relation to communications theory. Students also have opportunities to explore these topics and theories in applied settings.

The Media, Culture and Society stream focusses on the impact of media and communication in the creation of meaning, identity and social change emphasizing the study of media content, audiences and institutions in their political, economic, and social contexts in Canada and elsewhere.

Students are generally advised that choice of stream is based on their interest and aptitude. It is possible to change streams although in some cases this may require additional courses; students should consult the Academic Adviser.

Students admitted to Communications Studies may continue in the program upon successful completion of COMM 1F90 with a minimum 65 percent final grade. A student with a major average lower than 65 percent will not be permitted to continue in Communications Studies.

Please consult the Communications Studies entry for a listing of courses and program requirements.

Film Studies
Film Studies is a sequence of critical and historical courses that examine a variety of approaches to film. The courses explore the nature of film language and develop an analytical perspective on film as both an art and a medium. Other courses explore issues and theories in popular culture. Students may have opportunities to engage in media production in selected upper year courses.

Please consult the Film Studies entry for a listing of courses and program requirements.

Popular Culture
The study of Popular Culture focusses on the communicative practices and experiences of everyday life considered within their cultural, economic, political and social contexts. The undergraduate program in Popular Culture is interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together theoretical and analytical perspectives drawn from both the humanities and the social sciences, and applying them to the study of diverse cultural forms including advertising, film, literature, music, popular entertainment and leisure, radio and television, sport and the worldwide web.

Please consult the Popular Culture entry for a listing of courses and program requirements.

Brock/Colleges Articulation Agreement Program

Please consult the Policing and Criminal Justice entry for a listing of program requirements.