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Community Health

This program is offered through the Department of Community Health Sciences

Anthony F. Bogaert

Undergraduate Adviser
Fern MacLeod

General Information

Administrative Assistant
Joanne Boucher

905-688-5550, extension 4228
Academic South 329

The BA Honours program in Community Health Sciences focuses on community health and wellness with an emphasis on health promotion and assessment as well as program development and evaluation. Students are prepared for careers in public health, and postgraduate study in a wide range of health related areas.

Program Notes
  1. To proceed to year 2, students must achieve a minimum grade of 60 percent in CHSC 1F90 and MATH 1F92 as well as have submitted a declaration to major.
  2. To proceed to year 4 (honours) BA Community Health students must have a minimum 70 percent major average and submit an Application for Year 4 Studies available from the Office of the Registrar on the Web or in person.
  3. At least one credit each year must be taken outside the Department of Community Health Sciences.
  4. In all 20 credit degree programs, at least 12 credits must be numbered 2(alpha)00 or above, six of which must be numbered 2(alpha)90 or above and of these, three must be numbered 3(alpha)90 or above. In all 15 credit degree programs, at least seven credits must be numbered 2(alpha)00 or above, three of which must be numbered 2(alpha)90 or above.

Honours Program

Year 1
·   CHSC 1F90
·   MATH 1F92
·   one Humanities context credit
·   one Science context credit (BIOL 1F90 recommended)
·   one elective credit
Year 2
·   CHSC 2P07, 2P21, 2P27 and 2P49
·   one credit from CHSC 2P15, 2P40, 2P50, 2P60
·   one credit from CHSC 2F95, 2P09, 2P15, 2P40, 2P50, 2P51, 2P60, 2P65, 2P91, 2P97
·   one elective credit (see program note 3)
Year 3
·   CHSC 3F20, 3P07, 3P37 and 3P50
·   one credit from CHSC 3P21, 3P26, 3P27, 3P40, 3P59, 3P60, 3P80, 3P94, 3P96
·   one and one-half elective credits (see program notes 2, 3 and 4)
Year 4
·   CHSC 4P50
·   one and one-half credits from CHSC courses numbered 3(alpha)90 or above
·   three elective credits (see program note 4)
Pass Program

Satisfactory completion of the first three years of the Honours program entitles a student to apply for a Pass degree.

Description of Courses

See relevant calendar entry for course descriptions.