Last updated: September 5, 2007 @ 08:37AM

Administrative Officers

President and Vice-Chancellor: Jack N. Lightstone, BA Carleton, MA, PhD Brown University

Vice-President, Academic and Provost:
R. Terrance Boak, BSc, MEd Manitoba, PhD Calgary

Vice-President, Finance and Administration: Steven Pillar, MPA Carleton

Interim Associate Vice-President, Research and International Development: Ian D. Brindle, BSc Manchester, MSc Brock, DSc UMIST, FRSC (UK)

Associate Vice-President, Student Services: Kim Meade, BA, MA Acadia

Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Academic: Greg C. Finn, BSc Queen's, MSc Western Ontario, PhD Memorial

Co-ordinator, Academic Reviews and Planning: Patrick D. Beard, BA, MA Brock

University Secretary and Privacy Commissioner: Michael Farrell, BA Trent, BEd Brock

Internal Auditor: Lesa Myciak, BMath Waterloo, CA

Manager, Office of Human Rights and Equity Services: Lynne Bubic, BA Brock, LLB Western, Ontario

Director, Development: Sarah Nadalin, BA Guelph

Dean, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences: John T. Corlett, BSc Brock, MSc, PhD Simon Fraser

Dean, Faculty of Business: Martin I. Kusy, BComm Sir George Williams, MBA Windsor, PhD British Columbia

Dean, Faculty of Education: James Heap,BA Carlifornia, MA, PhD British Columbia

Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies: Marilyn J. Rose, BA McMaster, MA Concordia, PhD McMaster

Dean, Faculty of Humanities: Rosemary Hale, BA Kent State, MA Eastern Michigan, MTS, PhD Harvard

Interim Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Science: A. Joffre Mercier, BSc, MSc McGill, PhD Calgary

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences: David T. Siegel, BSc Louisville, MA Carleton, PhD Toronto

Executive Director, Finance and Controller: Joanne McKee, BAdmin Brock, MBA Niagara, CA

Executive Director, Human Resources: Pauline McCormack, BA Brock

Executive Director, Facilities Management: Thomas Saint-Ivany, B. Eng. Royal Military College, Kingston, CD, CDSC, P. Eng.

University Librarian: Margaret Grove, BA Brock, MA Toronto, MLS SUNY, Buffalo

Registrar: Barb Davis, BA, MEd Brock

Director, Admissions: Michelle Lea, BPhEd/BEd Brock

Director, Alumni Relations: Christine Jones

Director, Ancillary and Community Services: Thomas R. Arkell, BSc Trent

Director, Athletics: Lorne J. Adams, BA, MA Western Ontario, EdD SUNY, Buffalo

Director, Book Store Operations: Trudy Lockyer, BA Brock

Managing Director, Brock Centre for the Arts: Deborah P. Slade

Director, Campus Security Services: Gary Nicholls, BA Brock

Director, Career Services: Amy Elder, BA Mercy Hurst College

Director, Centre,Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technologies: Maureen Connolly, BPE, MPE Memorial, PhD Alberta

Director, Clinical Services: Melodie Shick-Porter, RN, BA Concordia

Director (Acting), University Communications: Heather Junke, BA Ryerson

Director, Concurrent Programs: Rosamund Battye, BA Brock, MEd Brock

Director, Co-op Programs: Cindy Dunne, BComm McMaster

Director, Curator, Rodman Hall: Gordon Hatt

Director, Graduate Studies, Gail Pepper,BA, MEd Brock

Director, International Services: John F. Kaethler, BA Brock, BEd OTEC

Director, Recreation Services: Karen McAllister-Kenny, BSc Waterloo, MEd Brock

Director, Recruitment and Retention: Beth Natale, BA , MEd Brock

Director, Residence and Food Services: James R. Fleming, BSc Trent, BEd Queen's

Director, Rosalind Blauer Centre for Child Care: Leah Lautenback

Director, Student Awards and Financial Aid: Rico Natale

Director, Student Development Centre: Cathie Closs, BA, BEd, MEd Queen's

Director,Workplace Health Research Unit John Yardley, BA, BSc Otago, DipTchg Dunedin, MA Alberta, MA, PhD SUNY, Buffalo

Deputy Registrar: Kevin J. Kiss, BA Brock

Associate Registrar, Academic Information and Protocol: Diane Uppal

Associate Registrar, Examinations and Timetables: Patricia D. Cane

Senior Administrative Officer, Faculty of Education: Joanne E. Smith, BA Brock, MLS SUNY, Buffalo