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Education - Concurrent BA Child and Youth Studies (Pass)/BEd (Primary/Junior)  
Director, Concurrent Education Programs Rosamund Battye Associate Director, Concurrent Education Programs Sandra Regier Faculty Representatives Sharon Abbey (Faculty of Education), Frances Owen (Faculty of Social Sciences)  
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Administrative Assistant Mona Lavoie 905-688-5550, extension 4226 Welch Hall 8A http://www.brocku.ca/childandyouthstudies/ http://concurrent.ed.brocku.ca The Department of Child and Youth Studies and the Faculty of Education co-operate in offering a concurrent four-year program combining a (Pass) Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with a Bachelor of Education (BEd) for students interested in teaching at the Primary/Junior level (grades K-6). Students in the program must be registered full-time and follow the prescribed program. Any exceptions must have the approval of the Director. Students must maintain a minimum 75 percent overall average each year in all academic grade-marked courses. Application forms for the BA Child and Youth Studies (CHYS)/BEd program are available on the Concurrent Education website from April 1. The forms must be completed and returned to the office by June 1. Late applications will not be accepted. Students in the CHYS BA/BEd program should consult the Director of Concurrent Education Programs regarding program requirements and continuance in the program. For further information about the CHYS BA/BEd program contact the Office of Concurrent Education Programs. Because the CHYS BA/BEd program integrates teacher education courses with academic courses, the student should note that the Pre-service Education courses are credited toward the BEd while the remaining courses are credited to the BA. For this reason, a student who transfers out of the CHYS BA/BEd program may not have credit in Pre-service Education courses applied to an undergraduate degree. Students should note that credits for the concurrent CHYS BA/BEd program are not evenly distributed between the years because of the structure of Education courses. Students are responsible to note Calendar and scheduling differences between the Undergraduate and Pre-service Departments. Successful graduates of the Child and Youth Studies program will receive a Bachelor of Arts Pass degree and a Bachelor of Education degree. Upon successful completion of a teacher education program, teacher candidates are normally recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers for membership and to receive their Ontario Certificate of Qualification.  
Ontario College of Teachers Criminal Records Screening Policy Go to top of document
1.  The Ontario College of Teachers requires both a criminal record check and a criminal record declaration by the applicant as necessary components of registration for new applicants.
2.  The costs associated with the provision of the criminal record check and any appeals are to be borne by the applicant.
3.  All positive reports of criminal offences will be examined by the Ontario College of Teachers Registrar to determine whether the record of offence(s) is relevant to the applicant's honesty, integrity and/or suitability to practise the profession and whether the offence(s) constitute reasonable grounds for refusal to issue a certificate of qualification and registration, or to impose terms, conditions or limitations on registration, in accordance with Section 18(2) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act.
4.  Applicants for registration by the Ontario College of Teachers will be advised of the reasons for the decisions of the Ontario College of Teachers Registrar to refuse certification or to impose terms, conditions or limitations and that appeals to these decisions will be determined in accordance with Part III of the Ontario College of Teachers Act.
  Questions regarding the policy should be directed to the Ontario College of Teachers.
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Students interested in the Child and Youth Studies BA/BEd program apply to a common year 1 in Child and Youth Studies. Students should note that this is a limited enrolment program and admission is not guaranteed by attainment of the minimum requirements. Students must complete the academic admission requirements for the Primary/Junior Pre-Service BEd degree before completing the Child and Youth Studies BA/BEd program. Candidates must have completed Grade 12U, OAC courses or university or university/college preparation courses in Canadian geography and Canadian history (or similar courses emphasizing Canadian content), mathematics, science and English. For those candidates who have not completed these courses, the following courses or equivalents will be accepted: MATH 2P52 Principles of Mathematics for Primary and Junior Teachers; ESCI 1P10 Science for Primary/Junior Teachers; LING 2P10 Fundamentals of English Grammar; one-half university Canadian geography credit; one-half university Canadian history credit. Students are also encouraged to take arts and physical education courses. Students who achieve a minimum 75 percent overall academic average with a minimum of 4.0 credits and a maximum of 8.0 credits are eligible to apply. Students must have completed CHYS 1F90, PSYC 1F90 and SOCI 1F90.  
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1.  Students are encouraged to use elective credits (including context credits) to take courses relevant to Education.  
2.  The elective credit in year 4 must be completed in the evening or taken during the Spring or Summer session.  
3.  In all 15 credit degree programs, at least seven credits must be numbered 2(alpha)00 or above, three of which must be numbered 2(alpha)90 or above.  
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Year 1
- CHYS 1F90
- PSYC 1F90
- SOCI 1F90
- one Humanities context credit or one Science context credit
- one elective credit (see program note 1)
Year 2
- CHYS 2F10, 2P35 and 2P38
- EDUC 8P14, 8Y04 and 8Y05
- MATH 1F92 or PSYC 2F23
- the Humanities context credit or Science context credit not taken in year 1
- one-half elective credit (see program note 1)
Year 3
- CHYS 3P10, 3P15 and 3P50
- EDUC 8P33
- one of CHYS 3P09, 3P11, 3P12, 3P23, 3P24, 3P65, 3P74, 3Q33
- one of CHYS 3P20, 3P21, 3P26, 3P35, 3P43, 3P47, 3P48, 3P60
- one of CHYS 3P27, 3P28, 3P30, 3P31, 3P32, 3P38, 3P39, 3P44
- one of EDUC 2F01, 3F00, 3F01
- one-half elective credit (see program note 1)
Year 4
- EDUC 8L09, 8P30, 8Y31, 8Y36, 8Y38 and 8Y39
- EDUC 8F08 or 8F09
- one elective credit (see program notes 1 and 2)
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See relevant calendar entry for coursedescriptions.  
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