2004-2005 Undergraduate Calendar

Academic fees are charged on a per credit basis. The fee covers registration, tuition and ancillary fees as follows:
Undergraduate Regular Fee per full credit per half credit
*BUSAC Fee $12.60 $6.30
Athletic, Intramural, Recreation Program Fee $14.92 $7.46
Recreation Facilities Fee $2.00 $1.00
Capital Cost of the Student/Community Centre for Health and Fitness $10.00 $5.00
BUSAC Student Centre Construction $10.00 $5.00
BUSAC Capital Fund $2.50 $1.25
+OPIRG $1.50 $.75
Access© $.64 $.32
**OUSA $.40 $.20
BUSU Safety Fee $.25 $.12
Brock Radio $1.50 $.75
Alumni Centre Renovations Fee $3.00 $1.50
WUSC Student Sponsorship $.40 $.20
TOTAL FEE $896.53 $448.26

*BUSAC - Brock University Students Administrative Council + OPIRG - Ontario People's Interest and Research Group **OUSA - Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance
Undergraduate Visa Fee per full credit per half credit
Tuition $2215.86   $1107.93
*BUSAC Fee $12.60 $6.30
Athletic, Intramural, Recreation Program Fee $14.92 $7.46
Recreation Facilities Fee $2.00 $1.00
Capital Cost of the Student/Community Centre for Health and Fitness $10.00 $5.00
BUSAC Student Centre Construction $10.00 $5.00
BUSAC Capital Fund $2.50 $1.25
+OPIRG $1.50 $.75
Access© $.64 $.32
**OUSA $.40 $.20
BUSU Safety Fee $.25 $.12
Brock Radio $1.50 $.75
Alumni Centre Renovations Fee $3.00 $1.50
WUSC Student Sponsorship $.40 $.20
TOTAL FEE $2275.57   $1137.78

Students who are not Canadian citizens, landed immigrants, international students sponsored by CIDA or who do not have diplomatic privileges, will pay the visa student fee. Additional Fees Applicable for the Fall/Winter Session: Day Care Fee There is a $1 charge per registered student in the Fall/Winter Session as per the agreement with BUSU and the Rosalind Blauer Day Care Centre. Health Services Fee Full-Time Canadian or Landed Immigrant (Full-time = 3.0 credits or more in Fall/Winter) $22.14 Part-Time Canadian or Landed Immigrant (Part-Time = more than 1 credit but less than 3 in Fall/Winter) $11.07 International Students (those paying VISA fees) Regardless of course load $22.14 This is a non-refundable fee, which covers the operating cost of the health facilities on campus.
U.H.I.P: Go to top of document
As of July 1, 1994, foreign students were no longer covered by OHIP. Therefore, all foreign students are required to pay for the mandatory health insurance plan UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan). Single Person Rate for 12 months September to August 2005 is $532.85. For detailed information relating to this plan contact Brock's Health Services. Residents of Quebec may be eligible for OHIP coverage and should inquire at Health Services for details.  
Health Insurance Fee (BUSU): Go to top of document
As a result of the referendum in Spring 2001, the Brock University Students' Union (BUSU) is now offering an extended Health Plan to all students who are enrolled in the equivalent of 3 or more full credits in September and are contributing to BUSU fees. This program is mandatory and provides coverage for 80% of prescription drugs and a variety of other physio and chiropractic programs. Details of the Health Plan can be found on the BUSU website (http://www.busu.net) or at the Health Plan office located in the Students' Center. The fee for the plan is $115 (subject to change). Students that already have comparable coverage will have the opportunity to waive this fee (details of this process are available on-line as well). It is each student's responsibility to determine their status with regards to the BUSU extended Health Care Plan; be sure to make an informed decision. Universal Transit Pass Fee (U-PASS) $120.00 As a result of a referendum in the spring of 2003, all undergraduate students taking 1.5 or more credits will be charged the Universal Transit Pass fee. Please consult the BUSU website for further details http://www.busu.net Fee Payment to Confirm Registration: A statement, indicating the amount due and payment instructions will be mailed to you starting three weeks prior to the payment due date of the session. Statements will be updated and mailed out on a weekly basis up until a week prior to the payment due date reflecting any course changes. Payment of the required fees by the payment due date will confirm your registration.
Payment Due Dates
Spring Session   May 3, 2004
Summer Session   July 5, 2004
Fall/Winter Session   August 23, 2004
Late Registration is considered to be anyone who has registered for the first time in a session one week prior to the payment due date. The dates are as follows:
Spring   April 16, 2004
Summer   June 28, 2004
Fall   August 16, 2004

A Late Registration fee of $50 will be charged and payment will be due upon receipt of your invoice. Additional courses added after the payment due date will be invoiced on a weekly basis and will be due upon receipt. Failure to Pay by the Payment Due Date: Failure to pay by the payment due date may result in de-registration. If your payment is due upon receipt please note that payment utilizing option three may not be received in time to avoid de-registration. In this instance the other two methods of payment would be preferred. Students taking three or more full credits (six or more half credits) may pay the minimum installment. Those taking less than three credits must pay in full. The normal course load for the Spring and Summer sessions is less than three full credits therefore fees must be paid in full for these sessions.
Payment Options: Go to top of document
1.  Via Internet, telephone or ATM
  Banking services at Scotia Bank, Royal Bank, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust and most Ontario Credit Unions. Payment should show on your account within 24-48 hours.
2.  In person at any branch of the above financial institutions except Credit Unions. Payment should show on your account within 5 business days.
3.  Mail cheque or money order to the address listed on your statement. Payment should show on your account within 10 business days.
  If you choose to pay only the minimum installment, a one time carrying charge will be levied on the outstanding balance of your account on November 1, 2004, at a rate of $6 per $100 (or part) owing. You can avoid these charges by paying in full by October 29, 2004. Otherwise, the balance of your tuition and related fees including the carrying charge is due in full by January 4, 2005.
Please note that statements are not automatically mailed after each transaction. You are financially responsible for any courses registered in after your initial billing without further notice. Fees must be paid by the above noted deadlines or service charges will be applied. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse you from the responsibility of payment. Please note you may view your financial account on-line, see Brock University's home page and follow the links to Student Self Service.
Students registering in September for Winter Term (duration 3) courses only are still liable for the minimum payment by the due date. This will ensure your place in the course.
Seniors: Go to top of document
Students 60 years of age or older by the first week of class may opt for a tuition waiver. Those senior students opting for a waiver of tuition are still responsible for the payment of all ancillary fees. These fees include the per course ancillary component ($59.71 per full credit) as well as any sessional fees such as the daycare fee, health service fee, health insurance fee and U-Pass fee as applicable. Tuition is the only fee that is waived.  
Unpaid Accounts: Go to top of document
No student having an outstanding account with the University will receive a degree or a statement of final grades, or have any such statement furnished to parties outside the University until the debt has been cleared to the University's satisfaction. Final grades may only be released by the Registrar's Office. Future registration is also prohibited.  
One Time Carrying Charge for Instalment Payments: Go to top of document
The last day for paying the second instalment of fees without carrying charges is October 29, 2004. Carrying charges are levied on November 1, 2004 at a rate of $6 on each $100 (or part) owing.  
Service Charges: Go to top of document
Fees are not paid in full by January 4, 2005 will be subject to service charges. Service Charges will be levied on all overdue accounts on the first business day of each month at a rate of $3.00 on each $100 (or part) owing.  
Tuition Fees at Withdrawal Go to top of document
Withdrawal notification, in writing after the closing of BIRT, must be received in the Office of the Registrar by the dates noted below for the 2004-2005 Fall/Winter Session. Discontinuing attendance at classes, notification to the instructor or stopping payment on a cheque presented at registration does not constitute official withdrawal. A processing fee of $90.00 per course will be charged for complete withdrawal from the University. Applied during September no cost drop add period (2004 - Sept. 24)
The tuition credit schedule is as follows:
Duration 1 courses:
Credit* Withdrawal Period
Duration 2 courses:
Credit* Withdrawal Period Credit*Withdrawal Period
Duration 3 courses:
100% - Sep 9 - Sep 24 100% - Sep 9 - Sep 24 100% - Jan 4 - Jan 14
65% - Sep 25 - Oct 4 65% - Sep 25 - Oct 4 65% - Jan 15 - Jan 24
60% - Oct 5 - Oct 12
55% - Oct 13 - Oct 20 55% - Oct 5 - Oct 12 55% - Jan 25 - Feb 1
50% - Oct 21 - Oct 28
45% - Oct 29 - Nov 5 45% - Oct 13- Oct 20 45% - Feb 2 - Feb 9
40% - Nov 6 - Nov 15
35% - Nov 16 - Nov 24 35% - Oct 21 - 28 35% - Feb 10 - Feb 24
30% - Nov 25 - Dec 3
25% - Dec 4 - Jan 6 25% - Oct 29 - Nov 5 25% -Feb 25 - Mar 4
20% - Jan 7 - Jan 17
0% - After Jan 17 0% After Nov 5 0% After Mar 4

*The credit will be applied to your account. Refunds are only mailed if your account is paid in full at the time of withdrawal. OSAP Students expecting to receive assistance through the Ontario Student Assistance Program must file their application with the Financial Aid Office no later than June 30. Students who apply after this date and who have not received written confirmation that their applications have been processed must pay the required fees by the payment due date. Studetns who are expecting OSAP must pay a minimum of $500 as Confirmation of Enrolment. Residence Fees: In 2003-2004 the residence rates for room and board average about $6447 depending on the type of accommodation and meal plan. An increase is expected for 2004/2005. Please consult the Residence web page http://www.brocku.ca/residence
SCHEDULE OF FEES Go to top of document
Course Audit Fee: The charge for auditing a course is 50% of the normal course fee or the withdrawal charge at the time of the change to audit status, whichever is greater.
Challenge for Credit: Canadian Fee per credit $379.00
Visa Fee per credit $678.26
Application to Graduate $35.00
Co-op Administration Fee: $600.00
Nursing: Practicum Administration Fee ( $300.00
Oenology and Viticulture: Intern Experience (per work term) $50.00
Administration Fee Administration Fee (per work term) Employment Experience $250.00 Previous Experience Evaluation Fee (per work term) $100.00
Late Registration Fee:
(After the Payment Due Date of a session)
Retro-Active Per Course Add Fee
(effective after Ministry count date for a session)
I.D. Card Replacement: $20.00
Transcript of Record: $8.00
Duplicate Tax Certificate: $10.00
Returned Cheques: $35.00
Pre-Collection Letter Service: $10.00
Replacement of Diploma: $50.00
Another University Transcript Assessment: $25.00
Letter of Permission: $25.00
Administrative Fee for Appeals: $50.00
Verification of Registrationand Other Status: $15.00
Complete Withdrawal Processing Fee (per course) $90.00
Off-Campus Examination $50.00
Med Plus Membership Fee $650.00
Late Drop Administration Fee $50.00
Evaluation Fee (Faculty of Education, Admissions) $60.00
Undergraduate International Application Fee $75.00

Please note that not all additional fees have been noted in the fee section of the Calendar. Please consult the course description for further information on applicable charges.
Finance Office: Go to top of document
The Finance Office is located on the 12th floor of the Schmon Tower. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Inquiries concerning fees may be addressed in person at the above location or by phone at (905) 688-5550, extension 4600.  
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