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Course Title Abbreviations

ABST Aboriginal Studies
ACTG Accounting
ADED Adult Education
ADMIN Administration
APLS Applied Language Studies
ASTR Astronomy
BCHM Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BTEC Biotechnology
CANA Canadian Studies
CHEM Chemistry
CHSC Community Health Sciences
CHYS Child and Youth Studies
CLAS Classics
COMM Communications
COSC Computer Science
DART Dramatic Arts
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
ENGL English
ENTR Entrepreneurship
ENVI Environment
ERSC Earth Sciences
ESCI Science
FNCE Finance
FREN French
GBLS Great Books/Liberal Studies
GEOG Geography
GERM German
GREE Greek
HIST History
INTL International Studies
ITAL Italian
ITIS Information Technology
Information Systems
JAPA Japanese
LABR Labour Studies
LATI Latin
LING Linguistics
MAND Mandarin
MATH Mathematics
MGMT Management
MLLC Modern Languages, Literatures
and Cultures
MKTG Marketing
MUSI Music
NEUR Neuroscience
NUSC Nursing
OBHR Organizational Behaviour and
Human Resources
OEVI Oenology and Viticulture
OPER Operations Management
PCUL Popular Culture
PEKN Physical Education and Kinesiology
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
POLI Political Science
PORT Portugese
PSYC Psychology
RECL Recreation and Leisure Studies
RUSS Russian
SCIE Science
SOCI Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPMA Sport Management
STAC Studies in Arts and Culture
TOUR Tourism Studies
VISA Visual Arts
WISE Women's Studies
WRIT Writing