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Biomedical Sciences
This program is co-ordinated by the Departments of Biological Sciences and Community Health Sciences

A Joffre Mercier, Chair, Department of Biological Sciences
John Hay, Chair, Department of Community Health Sciences

General Information

Administrative Assistants
Caroline Barrow
Beulah Lewis-Alexander

905-688-5550, extension 3388
Mackenzie Chown F234

Joanne Falovo
905-688-5550, extension 4228
Academic South 329

The main focus of the Biomedical Sciences program is on the molecular basis of human health. It draws on the expertise of faculty of Community Health Sciences in the medical aspects of human health and of faculty in Biological Sciences in the theory, methods, and applications of molecular biology. This program will prepare students for careers in biomedical research, teaching or professional programs in health sciences.

Program Notes
  1. To proceed to year 2, students must achieve a minimum grade of 60 percent in BIOL 1F90, CHSC 1F90 and have submitted a declaration to major form.
  2. Students preparing for professional studies in health sciences should note that some programs require completion of a laboratory physics course (one credit from PHYS 1P91, 1P92, 1P93). An understanding of basic physics is also beneficial to students in specific BIOL courses.
  3. In all 20 credit degree programs, at least 12 credits must be numbered 2(alpha)00 or above, six of which must be numbered 2(alpha)90 or above and of these, three must be numbered 3(alpha)90 or above.

Honours Program

Year 1
·   BIOL 1F90
·   CHSC 1F90
·   CHEM 1F92
·   MATH 1P97 and 1P98
·   one Humanities context credit
Year 2
·   BIOL 2F01, 2P97 and 2P98
·   CHSC 2F95, 2P09 and 2Q07
·   CHEM 2P20 and 2P21
Year 3
·   CHSC 3P09, 3P19 and 3Q07
·   one-half CHSC credit numbered 2(alpha)90 or above
·   two credits from BCHM 3P01, 3P02, BIOL 3P28, 3P50, 3P51
·   one elective credit
Year 4
Thesis Option:
·   CHSC 4F90 and one CHSC or BIOL credit numbered 2(alpha)90 or above, or BIOL 4F90 and 4F91
·   CHSC 4P95 and 4P99
·   one credit from BCHM 3P01, 3P02, 4P06, 4P21, BIOL 3P28, 3P50, 3P51, 4P28, 4P51, 4P53
·   one elective credit
Library Research Option:
·   BIOL 4F92
·   CHSC 4P95 and 4P99
·   one credit from BCHM 3P01, 3P02, 4P06, 4P09, 4P21, BIOL 3P28, 3P50, 3P51, 4P28, 4P51, 4P53
·   one CHSC or BIOL credit numbered 3(alpha)90 or above
·   one elective credit

Description of Courses

See relevant calendar entry for course descriptions.