Heather Bellisario named to Student Ombudsperson role

Heather Bellisario spent more than a decade guiding Brock students as they charted their career course. Now, as the University’s new Student Ombuds, she’s offering help in a different capacity. In her new role, Bellisario will act as a confidential and neutral resource for the Brock community, where she can help students understand Brock policies and procedures and connect them with on-campus resources and options for resolution.

Having begun her time at Brock as a student in 2003, Bellisario completed a Concurrent Teacher Education degree with the goal of becoming a guidance counsellor. However, the chance to continue interacting with students at the University made her reconsider her path. Starting as a recruitment officer, she quickly transitioned to the role of Academic Advisor, which has allowed her to help students chart their academic journeys over the past 13 years.

To learn more about Brock’s Student Ombuds, visit the Office of the Ombudsperson website.

Categories: June 2023