Input sought in reappointment process of the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

The Advisory Committee on the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences is inviting input from the Brock community as outlined in the Policy on the Appointment of Academic Administrators.

Professor Ingrid Makus has held the role of Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences since July 1, 2018. Professor Makus is eligible for re-appointment for a second five-year term. As part of the review process, the Advisory Committee invites feedback from Brock students, staff, faculty members, and librarians for the purpose of evaluating the performance of the incumbent.

Individual or collective confidential submissions may be made in writing to the committee through the Office of the Provost, and meetings with the committee can also be requested. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted and while submissions will be held in strict confidence, they will be shared with committee members in their entirety, including attributions.

Meetings with the committee will be limited to 10 minutes each. Individuals or groups wishing to meet with the committee are asked to provide a high-level overview of their remarks in advance.

Comments and meeting requests may be submitted directly to the Office of the Provost at no later than Thursday, March 16.

Categories: February 2023