Call for Nominations: Advisory Committee on the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

In the coming weeks and months, the Provost and Vice-President, Academic will be chairing a committee struck under the Policy on the Appointment of Academic Administrators to advise on the appointment of a Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences. Professor Ingrid Makus has served in this role since July 1, 2018. Professor Makus is eligible for re-appointment for a second five-year term.

The Provost and Vice-President, Academic is seeking nominations for members to serve on the advisory committee. Nominations will be recommended to the Provost by the Senate Governance Committee.

Under the Appointment Procedures for Academic Administrators, the advisory committee will include:

  • At least six full-time tenured faculty members from the relevant Faculty, such that each Department is represented
  • At least one full-time tenured faculty member of the Program Committee of a Centre from the appropriate Faculty
  • At least one full-time tenured faculty member who is an elected member of Senate and from another Faculty in the University
  • At least one full-time tenured faculty member of the Program Committee of a Program not housed in a Department or Centre in the Faculty

Nomination process

Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by another full-time teaching staff member or professional librarian. Each nomination must include a clear indication that the nominee has accepted the nomination and is willing to serve on the Advisory Committee. In addition, nominees must provide a statement (120 words or less) of why they are interested in serving on the committee and why they believe they should be selected to serve.

All nominees must be able to serve on the Advisory Committee in an impartial manner, with an open mind, and without having prejudged the outcome. University decision-making processes are subject to rules of procedural fairness. One of these rules is that decision-making processes must be fair and impartial and must not be tainted by a reasonable apprehension of bias. Consequently, all individuals who serve on advisory committees must be able to carry out their responsibilities in a fair and impartial manner. This responsibility does not require that advisory committee members have given no prior thought to and formed no opinion about the issues before them. Rather, they must not have a predisposition or state of mind which renders them unable to approach the issues with an open mind. If a reasonable person would conclude that an advisory committee member would be unable to carry out their responsibilities with an open mind and had prejudged what the outcome should be, then a reasonable apprehension of bias would arise, and the member may be disqualified from participating in the advisory committee process.

The deadline for nominations is 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022. All nominations should be submitted online at:

Your consideration of this request for nominations is appreciated.

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