Review of the Sexual Assault and Harassment Policy

Brock’s Sexual Assault and Harassment Policy (SAHP) outlines the University’s commitment to respond to allegations of sexual violence affecting members of its community, including students, staff, faculty members and librarians, as well as the procedures the University will use to do so.

The SAHP is currently under review. The University is looking for any feedback or suggestions on the policy and its procedures from Brock students, staff, faculty members, and librarians.

The consultation process will run until May 13, 2022 and will include:

  • An online consultation portal, through which members of the University community can submit their feedback on the SAHP. The portal is currently open and will remain available until May 13; and
  • Two townhall-style consultation sessions for each of students, staff, and faculty members and librarians, for those who prefer to submit comments in person rather than through the online portal.

Targeted outreach will also take place to those members of our community who are most at risk of experiencing sexual violence, as well as those who play a key role in operationalizing the SAHP on campus.

Further information about the dates for the townhall meetings will be communicated in the coming weeks. Until then, all members of the University community are invited to provide their feedback on the SAHP through the consultation portal before May 13, 2022.

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