Research FAQs updated

Please note that the Research section of the general FAQs on the COVID page has been updated to reflect operations for the Fall term. Researchers seeking updated information can now consult that page.

Some key highlights of the update include:

  1. The authorization process through the Associate Deans Research is no longer required.
    • PIs (Faculty Supervisors) are responsible for establishing and enforcing capacity limits and risk-mitigation strategies for the shared research spaces under their authority
    • PIs (Faculty Supervisors) are encouraged (but no longer required) to file their risk-mitigations plans with the Associate Dean Research
    • Associate Deans Research will keep all previously processed documentation on file in case restrictions need to be re-introduced
    • In the event of future restrictions, the Associate Deans, Academic Safety, and Health Safety & Wellness will need to be prepared to begin reviewing new requests using the same process as has been in place for the past several months
    • Academic Safety and Health Safety & Wellness will remain available to consult with the REBs about public health and biosafety questions
  2. Campus research hours are 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days per week, including weekends and holidays; however, weekends and holidays must be booked at least 3 business days in advance (using the weekends and holidays link).
    • CRN 431 has already been added to the weekend and holiday list, so there is no need to book that space
  3. PPE requirements have been revised.
    • The minimum standard is (at least) a non-medical mask/ face covering for everyone
    • Disposable masks are required if you are working with RG2 or RG3 pathogens or other hazardous substances
    • Eye protection and a medical mask is required if you will be exposed to anyone who is not wearing (at least) a non-medical mask/ face covering
    • Other PPE may be required depending upon the research activities
  4. The vaccination mandate applies to everyone on campus, including researchers, technicians, and human participants.
    • A narrow range of exemptions are possible on medical grounds or other protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code
    • The FAQ will be updated when details are confirmed about how exemptions will be processed for visitors
  5. The revised Chart of Brock Research Activities Across the Stages of Pandemic and Recovery provides an overview of research activities for Fall 2021 compared to earlier steps and stages.

Please review the full document for further details.

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