Update on faculty travel for the Fall term

As Brock continues to prepare for a significant return to campus in the Fall, some faculty members have asked for further guidance concerning the resumption of travel for academic purposes, including for research and creative activities.

The Brock Stages to Reopening document outlines the types of travel permitted under each stage. In Brock 3, the stage in which the University currently finds itself, only domestic travel is permitted and only when local public health guidance allows it. However, as Brock prepares to move beyond Stage 3 to increase operations in September, new guidelines are required. These will take effect once Brock exits Stage 3.

As a result, the following guidelines have been developed for faculty members and librarians looking to make travel arrangements related to their academic activities for September and beyond:

  • All University-sanctioned travel must take into consideration the Government of Canada’s travel advisories, with appropriate risk-mitigation measures and approvals in place for travel to higher-risk locations.
  • In most cases, the Government of Canada is still advising against all non-essential international travel. As a result, faculty members are encouraged to consider whether their travel is essential at this time. At this point in the pandemic, a delay of a few weeks or a few months could allow for substantial improvement in the global health situation and thus in lower travel risk.
  • In cases where travel might require mandatory testing or quarantine either upon arrival to their destination or upon return to Canada, faculty members are advised that the University will not cover these costs. However, faculty members funding their travel from grants or other sources are free to use these funds for the purposes outlined above where the terms of the funding source permit. Individual researchers are responsible for ensuring the terms and conditions of their funding will permit the use of those funds for this purpose. These costs can also be funded through PER.
  • Similarly, faculty members are reminded that they are still expected to perform their duties at the times agreed upon with their Deans. Mandatory quarantine should be planned around these requirements.
  • All travel must continue to conform to the terms in the University’s Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expense Policy.

All members of the Brock community undertaking any kind of travel are very strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to their departure. They are also encouraged to verify the terms of their travel insurance, as these may have changed as a result of the pandemic.

Further guidance will be provided in the coming months as the pandemic continues to evolve. For now, we would ask that all academic administrators please help share this information broadly within their units.

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