Launch of survey on institutional pandemic response

As part of a national study of universities’ crisis management responses in the era of COVID-19, Brock faculty members, librarians and staff will be invited next week to respond to a new survey and share their perspectives. Brock is one of seven universities across Canada participating in this review, which is being conducted by the Montreal-based consulting firm CRI. The primary focus will on decisions made and steps taken during the 2020 pandemic, but the findings will provide invaluable guidance to help Brock optimize institutional readiness for any crises in the future.

Early next week, faculty, librarians and staff will receive an email from CRI Research via the Provost email account ( providing links to the survey documents. The email will also state the survey’s deadline, after which all responses will be analyzed by CRI, who will ensure that all submissions are kept anonymous and confidential.

Participating universities will receive reports containing their own full data as well as anonymized aggregate data for all participating institutions.

Should you have any questions or comments about this process, please email

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