University of Holguin - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

University of Holguin - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On Wednesday, October 24, Dr. Vilma Paez, from the University of Holguin, Cuba, visited Brock to explore potential areas of collaboration and discuss strategies for strengthening the connection between Brock and Holguin.

Dr. Paez is the Head of the Departments of Foreign Languages, Canadian Studies, and International Relations at the University of Holguin. This was her second visit to Brock; her first was in 2001. Dr. Paez expressed interest in renewing the agreement that Brock had with the University of Holguin from 2004 to 2009.

Throughout the day, Dr. Paez connected with many departments at Brock. Dr. Paez and Brock faculty and staff members outlined methods and programs for collaboration. Dr. Paez extended an invitation to all Brock faculty, staff, and students to attend the Foreign Languages, Canadian Studies, Communications, and Cultures Conference (WEFLA), organized by Dr. Paez and the University of Holguin that takes place every two years in Guadelevaca, Cuba. This conference has been well attended by Brock faculty in previous years.

During her visit to Brock, Dr. Paez met with:
Ms. Liv Park, Scholar Services and Program Assistant, Brock International
Ms. Jade Scapillato, International Affairs Assistant, Brock International
Dr. Norma MacSween, Director, ESL Services
Ms. Stephanie Soccio, Associate Director, Student Affairs, ESL Services
Dr. Gregory Betts, Director, Centre for Canadian Studies; Director, Graduate Program, Canadian and American Studies; Associate Professor, English Language and Literature
Dr. Jane Koustas, Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (MLLC)
Dr. Felipe Ruan, Associate Professor, MLLC; Director, Iberian and Latin American Studies
Dr. Tamara El-Hoss, Chair and Associate Professor, MLLC
Dr. Michael O’Sullivan, Associate Professor, Comparative, International and Global Education, Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
Ms. Jacqueline Spalding, Assistant Director, International Language Testing
Dr. Hedy McGarrell, Professor and Graduate Program Director, Applied Linguistics

Ideas for collaboration discussed throughout Dr. Paez’s visit included implementing short-term study abroad programs for Brock students at Holguin, sending Brock faculty members to teach at Holguin on a pro-bono basis, including Holguin faculty members in Brocks’ Visiting International Professor or Scholar programs, and encouraging Brock and Holguin faculty members to co-write academic papers for publication.


Dr. Tamara El-Hoss, Dr. Vilma Paez, and Dr. Felipe Ruan after lunch in Alphie's Bistro.