Call for photographs

As part of the MEOPAR Project in the Town of Lincoln, researchers are looking for historical photographs taken from anywhere along the Lincoln shoreline.

Photo submission must be accompanied by:
Photo submission agreement
Media release form (*if applicable)
Please complete applicable form(s) and submit electronically along with your photo submission.

SUBMISSION EXTENSION: You can now submit photographs and forms by Oct. 30, 2019, to:
Meredith DeCock at

* Complete submission requirements below.

About the project

The proposed research will assess the coastal vulnerability of the Town of Lincoln, Ontario. The lake is part of the St. Lawrence Seaway which includes the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River watershed are of great importance, holding 20 per cent of the earth’s freshwater and containing one of the most diverse selection of species of plants, wildlife, and fish globally. Climate change trends for the Niagara Region include increased annual precipitation, frequency of heavy rainfall events, and high wind events, which will have direct impacts on the coastline.

In 2017 and 2019, Lincoln experienced flooding events with record high water levels resulting in the damage of many roads near the shoreline and the first-time voluntary evacuation of residents from their homes due to a flooding event. The assessment of coastal variability is therefore critical for Lincoln as they plan future development along Lake Ontario and its tributaries and seek to build resilience of their coastline.

Research conducted by: Meredith DeCock, Master of Sustainability Candidate
Supervisor: Dr. Liette Vasseur
Research Ethics Board Approval No: 18-063


Part of the research project will include a photograph comparison of different areas of the shoreline. Photographs are a snapshot in time; however, when compared to historical or present-day photographs, they can reveal changes over time.

Meredith DeCock, the master’s student on the research team, is looking for photographs of the shoreline itself, or, of the surrounding environment and development. Photographs that show shoreline destruction due to high water levels or storm events are also of interest. Photographs from anywhere along the shoreline from any year will be of value; it is not necessary to have a series of photographs from the same point over multiple years.

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Submission details

Deadline: Oct. 30, 2019
Submit photographs to:  Meredith DeCock at

  • Please try to limit the number of photographs submitted to no more than 20 per person. Select the photographs you consider to be the most impactful.
  • If you are unable to submit your photographs due to size constraints, you may split the photographs up over multiple emails.

You will receive an e‐mail notification that your photograph submission has been accepted. Any clarification questions or a request for more information will be sent following that.

submission requirements

  • Photographs must be submitted electronically. If you have historical photographs that you would like to share, please send a scanned, electronic version of the photograph. If you do not have access to a scanner, please email Meredith DeCock for assistance.
  • Each photograph must be submitted with a narrative that includes:
    • the date photograph was taken (as specific as possible to the day);
    • a description of the photograph, including which weather event (if applicable) was occurring; and
    • the direction photograph was taken from.
  • The submission must include a signed Photo Submission Agreement.
  • If there are any people featured in your photographs, please also include a signed Media Release Form.
  • Please complete applicable forms and submit electronically to Meredith DeCock along with your photos. 
  • Please provide your full name and contact information in your email submission.
  • Please use the following naming convention for your electronic photographs:YEAR-Location-Direction
    Example: 1990-CharlesDaleyPark-North