Beyond Sustainability Call for Photos: Submissions

About the Call for Photos/ À propos de l’appel à photos

Sharing the Planet

Have we lost our connection to nature?

How can we reconnect to nature to ensure a better future – a future in which humans, plants and animals all share the world equally together?

We invite you to submit photographs that capture your thoughts or actions on how YOU are bringing back your Connection to Nature.

All members of the global community are welcome to participate.

No two perspectives are the same!

Partager la planète

Avons-nous perdu contact avec la nature?

De quelle manière pouvons-nous nous reconnecter afin d’assurer un futur meilleur – un futur où les humains, les plantes et les animaux partagent le monde ensemble et équitablement?

Nous vous invitons à soumettre des photographies qui illustrent vos actions ou réflexions sur la façon dont VOUS ravivez votre Connexion avec la Nature.

Tous les membres de la communauté globale sont invités à participer.

Toutes les perspectives sont uniques!

Photo Submissions / Soumissions de Photos

Photo by: Piera De Girardis

“Porgere una mano a ciò che consideriamo “altro” rispetto a noi per comprendere che poi, in fondo, non siamo così diversi.”

Photo by: Busra Ustundag


PHOTOs BY: Joydeep Chakraborty

“An idyllic world by the side of the river, Damodar, at East Burdwan, West Bengal, India, far from the madding crowd and the din and bustle of urban life, a place where animals, plants and human beings live together in an atmosphere of mutual joy, promise and fulfilment. As the place is close to my workplace, I  often go there during my leisure time and spend time to contemplate and rejuvenate my bond with the universe and some of my human attributes that remain buried in connection with urban life.”

PHOTO BY: Sea Heikes

“This is a still image from a video of a performance piece at Spread Art in Detroit, MI, USA. The performance piece was based on a bicycle ride I did from the top of Lake St Clair, along the Detroit River, to Lake Erie. During this ride, there was almost no physical access to the water, due to private ownership. The performance, therefore reflected the state of not having access to the water.”

PHOTO BY: Sea Heikes

“This is a still image from a 6 hour long endurance performance piece, lying under this fallen boulder balanced on two other boulders on a mountain in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, contemplating Geologic Intelligence during professor Benjamin Bratton’s seminar in the summer of 2017 at European Graduate School.”

PHOTO BY: Brenna Mervyn

“The attached photo represents how different people enjoy the natural environment. Taken in April 2019, pictured are various tourists enjoying the snow and sunshine on a frozen-over Lake Louise. People connect with the natural landscape, friends and family. You can see children and adults playing in the snow, taking pictures and experiencing a youthful joy and a connection to place. With climate change accelerating, beautiful experiences like those captured in this photo are at stake.”

PHOTO BY: Dino Giancola

“Each spring I’m lucky eough to receive regular visits from the local ducklings, who become very trusting, especially when rewarded with a tasty oat treat. What a sense of connection to nature when you receive a beautiful welcome like this in the morning!”