MEOPAR BLOG: Call for Photographs


We have discussed what climate change is and the importance of adapting to the environmental changes occurring and anticipated. But how can we be sure that some of these changes are truly a result of climate change? MEOPAR team member Meredith DeCock is hoping to demonstrate just that with her master’s thesis.

Brock University Master of Sustainability Science and Society Candidate, Meredith DeCock is conducting an analysis of the Lincoln shoreline of Lake Ontario to see how it has changed since the 1930’s. As part of her research project, she is asking for help from the community. She is interested in acquiring electronic copies of historical photographs anyone may have of the shoreline to help visualize how it has changed over time. Photographs are important visuals in climate change research to help tell the story over time. It is a way of sharing your local knowledge and contributing to the research project.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to participate in a local research project!

Photos are now being accepted until October 31, 2019. 

Find out more information on the project and how to submit your photographs here.
*Please remember to sign a waiver (found at the web address above) and submit it with your photograph(s)*

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