Provost’s Discretionary Fund

The Provost’s Discretionary Fund seeks to help students and student organizations fund projects that provide educational opportunities such as participation in:

  • Competitions
  • Symposiums
  • Conferences
  • Community Development Projects


The Provost’s Discretionary Fund is held by the Office of the Provost and Vice President Academic as discretionary financial support for projects that enhance the quality of the student experiences at Brock.

Application Form

After presenting at a conference, part-time and full-time students may be eligible to apply to the Provost’s Discretionary Fund to obtain some additional support. Funding is available to a student once per fiscal year and only after the student receives approved funding from their Faculty and/or the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students must complete an application form; attach a proposed budget with original receipts and any endorsements or recommendations from their Faculty/Professor that supports their request. Graduate students need to submit through their program and the Faculty of Graduate Studies to be considered eligible. Information on this process can be found on this page. Graduate students do not use the downloadable form below.

Undergraduate students should submit their information to the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Students in Thistle 222 ( for funding consideration after they have obtained the required sources of approval (e.g.: Department).

The downloadable application form can be found here.

Academic accommodation for approved student activity

Students requesting academic accommodation on the basis of institutional reputation (participation in academic and/or athletic involvement in conferences, performances or competitions at the provincial, national and/or international level which conflict with scheduled academic course work and/or assignments) must complete the following Accommodation Application for Approved Student Activity Form. Such requests should be made during the first two weeks of any given academic term, or as soon as possible after a need for accommodation is known to exist (e.g., advancing to competition finals, posting of an examination schedule), but in no case later than the second-last week of classes in that term.

The academic accommodation application form can be found here.