The future of sustainable agriculture begins at Brock

A changing climate. Increased urbanization. A growing population. The need for sustainable agriculture management has never been more critical. That’s why Brock is building a state-of-the-art research farm where scientists are coming together to help transform Canada’s agriculture ecosystem into a self-reliant, sustainable model for the world.

About the project

The Clean Agriculture for Sustainable Production project has three parts:

The Clean Plant Program will help Ontario’s grape and wine industry protect against viral disease by identifying virus-free grapevine material, developing production processes for clean plants, adapting next generation diagnostic tools, and maintaining a national germplasm repository.

Precision Agriculture and Ecological Interactions, which aim to improve crop yield and resilience while reducing costs and environmental impact by studying how clean grapevines interact with other plants and organisms and farming methods that uses a range of technologies to grow crops more efficiently.

Urban Applications examines how clean plants and new knowledge on landscape approaches to sustainable agriculture development can be integrated into the greening of urban ecosystems.

Brock's Sustainable Agriculture Research farm

From the Brock News