Supporting Coaches As They Facilitate Teachers’ Professional Learning

Despite widespread adoption of coaching models of professional learning, how to support coaches’ abilities to enhance teachers’ effectiveness is relatively unexplored (Gallucci et al., 2010; Ortmann & Roehrig, 2019).

This multi-year research program examined the role of educational coaches and identified how to support them in their roles as peer mentors and professional learning facilitators.

This timeline is a visual of the coaching research projects that were part of this four-year program and their duration within it.

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Gallucci, C., Van Lare, M. D., Yoon, I. H., & Boatright, B. (2010). Instructional coaching: Building theory about the role and organizational support for professional learning, American Educational Research Journal, 47(4), 919–963.

Ortmann, L. L. & Roehrig, G. H. (2019) Developing a coaching identity in interdisciplinary STEM partnerships. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 27(5), 577-600,

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Preliminary findings of the various projects appear here.

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General information for professional learning facilitators who are looking for more information is provided here.

This research project is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.