Student Experience Lab

As part of Brock’s ongoing commitment to foster a unique, student-centered campus experience, the Student Experience Task Force is launching the “Student Experience Lab”. This Lab is collection of on-going investigative processes designed to engage a broad cross-section of current Brock students.

About the Student Experience Lab

The Student Experience Lab is all about understanding and improving the Brock student experience! In the “lab” context, the “student experience” is the object of inquiry, and students are the experts! The hypothesis is that we can make Brock better for students by learning from students.

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Why a Student Experience Lab?

Students come to university to learn and grow in ways that extend beyond the classroom.

Badgers; while a lot of your growth is up to you, Brock strives to ensure that your student experience is meaningful, rewarding, and memorable. We want to increase your supports, minimize your obstacles, and provide opportunities to help you optimize your time at Brock, and your successes beyond. You each have unique insights and perspectives about the services and supports Brock provides for students. You all have thoughts and opinions on how to create the best experience for Brock students. Through the Student Experience Lab, you’ll have the opportunity to have your say and share your ideas.

The Phases

Phase 1 – Breadth

Through a variety of inquiry methods like, sounding boards, mobile polls, social media, a campus video booth, and point-of-service interactions, students will share their thoughts and opinions on questions like those on the left-side of this page.

Phase 2 – Depth

We will drill down on key themes identified in Phase 1 feedback through focus groups, interviews and think tanks.

Phase 3 – Report Back

We report back to you and all others on campus. Through ‘town hall’ meetings, written reports, and an Improvements Campaign, we’ll let you know what we heard about the Brock student experience, the good and the bad, and what we are doing about it.

“It occurred to me that we are literally the experts…our voices are unbelievably valuable, badgers!”